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Michelle's Newfound Confidence

“I needed a boost of confidence for my career and life. It’s working!”

Life doesn’t always go to plan. When things get messy, there isn’t always time for exercise and healthy eating. Other priorities can make it tough to put self-care first.

Michelle went through a very trying period in her life in her mid 30s. She dealt with loss and a stressful custody battle, all while working full time and supporting her three children as a single mother. During this time, Michelle put everyone’s needs above her own and ended up neglecting her own health and happiness.

She relied on her strength and perseverance to get her through this tough time, and managed to come out the other side. When life started to get better, she was able to focus on herself and realized just how far off track she had gotten with caring for herself.

Right away, Michelle got back to exercising regularly and eating right. Her exercise regime and diet helped her lose a lot of the extra weight she had been carrying around. However, her age and the stress her body had endured made it tough for her to get back to where she wanted to be.

She decided to visit Sono Bello for a consultation. She knew right away that she had found her solution. From the moment she arrived, the office staff made her feel comfortable and gave her all of the information she needed to make a decision. Michelle originally came to Sono Bello for facial rejuvenation with a Lift by Sono Bello procedure. She was so happy with her fresher looking results that she returned a year later for laser lipo. Michelle had our patented TriSculpt procedure on her abs, thighs, upper arms and chin.

Today Michelle fits back into the jean size she wore before her first child was born! She feels great about how she looks, and her confidence has transferred over to all areas of her life. In addition to excelling in her career, Michelle made the decision to finish earning her degree and open even more doors for herself. She attributes much of this newfound happiness and confidence to her Sono Bello procedures.

“Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and…I love it! I just feel awesome all around.”

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