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5 Scents That Affect Your Mood

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, so it isn’t too crazy to hear how quickly certain scents can affect your mood! Look for a quick pick-me-up by taking a whiff of these scents:

1.) For Productivity – Jasmine

Believe it or not, the jasmine flower increases productivity and concentration. Jasmine stimulates something called beta rhythms in the brain, which are typically active when your brain is actively thinking or engaged. So get a mental workout on when you’re taking a break to smell the flowers! Jasmine makes concentrating easier, which makes you more productive and efficient.

We recommend getting your hands on some jasmine tea to kick start your next presentation!

2.) For Relaxation – Lavender

If you’ve ever been in a relaxing candle store, or perhaps found your way into the soap aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond, then you are well acquainted with the smell of Lavender. The scent of this flower makes you calm, decreases anxiety, and lowers stress. That’s why its been used so often for its relaxing properties over the years! Placing lavender in your bathroom may make bath time a bit TOO relaxing!

3.) For Appetite Suppression – Peppermint

Peppermint is a surprisingly excellent way to curb your appetite. Not a lot of people take advantage of its wonderful characteristics! It also just has that sweet smell of cleanliness that is unmatched. So now you’ll smell clean and eat less!

4.) For Revitalization – Citrus

Think of resting your eyes…and then all of a sudden the sharp smells of lemon and grapefruit! Nothing will get your eyes open faster! Maybe in not such an abrupt fashion, the smell of citrus fruits have been proven to revitalize you!

5.) For Happiness – Rosemary

When the house is filled with the sweet smell of cooking, you have rosemary to thank for that happiness! It has the unique ability to uplift spirits. It is the base of many perfumes and scents, and has the natural ability to make us feel at home.

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