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“I never thought I would look like this”

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Oscar had been overweight for many years. He worked extremely hard and was able to lose 100 pounds on his own. However, no matter how long or hard he worked, he had problem areas that he just couldn’t get rid of. “My upper and lower abdomen was an area that was a big concern of mine. After losing all that weight that was just like the leftover weight.’

Oscar got tired of hiding his stomach and found it hard to find clothes he wanted to wear, so he decided to turn to Sono Bello.  “They took care of it for me and now I’m just this new guy!”

Oscar said he felt disproportionate before his procedure and was looking to get his body to where he always wanted it. He was excited about the non-invasive micro-laser liposuction to help get to where he wanted to be.

“Now, when I see myself in the mirror, I just love it.” His family and friends have not only noticed the physical change, but also how happy Oscar has been since his procedure. “The biggest compliment that I’ve ever received was that I look very happy.”

Instead of wearing a black shirt, big jeans and a scarf to hide his body year-round, Oscar is now comfortable wearing a tank top. “It’s like a new me.”

Oscar told us about how tough it can be to talk about your body as a man. “…but really we hold it inside and we want to look our best just like everyone else. We want to be sexy and feel confident.”

Oscar is finally confident and comfortable in his own skin. “I actually have my life back.”

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