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After Sono Bello, Kari Loves Who She Sees in the Mirror

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For decades, she felt self-conscious and dissatisfied with her appearance, mainly due to her stomach. Before stepping out of the house each day, Kari would try on five or six different outfits just to settle on one that she felt the “least bad” about. This deeply affected her everyday life and made shopping for clothes “depressing.”  

She tried working out and even researched exercises that targeted her stomach specifically. Still, it remained a problem area. When exercise alone proved insufficient, she tried dieting and intermittent fasting, which made a small difference but not enough to improve her self-confidence. The stubborn fat surrounding her belly wouldn’t go away. It only fluctuated proportionally with her weight. This was understandably frustrating to Kari and made her pessimistic about working out if it made little difference in her appearance.  

She was on the verge of giving up hope when she saw that Rebecca from the show 90 Day Fiancé had undergone TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction from Sono Bello. Impressed with her results, Kari began researching liposuction procedures and decided that it was the perfect way to win her battle against excess body fat.  

After a free consultation with a member of our surgical staff, Kari decided to book an appointment to have liposuction performed on her upper and lower abdomen as well as her waist. Kari says that she was surprised by how well the surgery went. Our team was able to remove eleven pounds of excess fat from her stomach! And since Kari’s skin is healthy and elastic, she didn’t need to undergo any subsequent skin-tightening procedures despite the significant mass of fat cells removed. Her body was able to bounce back wonderfully, and, after a week-long recovery, she says she truly feels like herself again.  

The surgery’s impact on Kari’s self-confidence is precisely what she hoped it would be. She says, “It’s the first time I can recall in decades where I LIKE the person I see in the mirror. Instead of trying on clothes that look less bad, I’m trying on clothes just to see how good I look in them.” 

In addition to her dramatic boost in self-esteem, her liposuction procedure has also given her the ability to get more use out of the clothes that she already owns. This means less shopping for new outfits because her old ones don’t fit, which helps save a lot of time and money. Kari says, “All my clothes fit so much better, and there are many clothing items I hadn’t worn in a long time that I can wear now. My clothes fit the way they’re supposed to. My jeans sit at my waist the way they’re supposed to. The cute underwear I have wanted to wear but always would fall down because of my stomach, now stay up! I can wear pretty dresses without a Spanx-type garment. I love to see myself now.” 

Self-love is the best result we can hope to achieve for one of our patients, and we’re thrilled that Kari is finally happy with what she sees in the mirror. If you’re interested in accomplishing the same for yourself, we highly encourage you to schedule a free consultation today and begin your journey towards self-improvement with Sono Bello. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.  

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