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Aging Her Way!

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“I don’t feel 59, I’m going into 60 with a party!”

 After menopause, Carol “had a closet full of clothes I couldn’t wear, and I was miserable.” She tried diet and exercise and it wasn’t working. After her daughter referred her to Sono Bello, she went for a consultation and decided to have a liposuction procedure!

She saw a change in her body by the next day, “I woke up…and I had an hourglass figure and I love it.” Carol said it used to take her an hour to get dressed in the morning because she was unhappy with how she looked. “I had love handles and a muffin top, my midsection was fat, and with my arms, I would never wear short sleeves.” And now she can pick anything in her closet and she doesn’t have to worry.

Carol said she would only take pictures with her new granddaughter from the neck up. “I wasn’t the Carol that used to run marathons and was a size two.” She never wanted to look at her ‘Before’ photos until she saw her ‘After’ photos. “I feel like I’m 30, and I can rock anything!”

“Sono Bello removed body fat from me but they also removed the negative body image I had of myself and what they gave me back was a confident, rocking body and the best life that I’m starting to live.” Carol not only feels comfortable with her body now, but she has confidence and is the Carol that she always wanted to be.

After struggling with her body for years and never feeling comfortable in her own skin, Sono Bello gave Carol the change that she deserved. “It’s important to take care of yourself. If you love yourself, you’ll love everybody else.”

She knows that later in life it’s harder to get your body to where you want it to be. “The weight just didn’t go away.”

Carol had TriSculpt, Sono Bello’s micro-laser liposuction done on her upper and lower abdomen, waist, and hips. She said that she felt like the number one priority throughout the process. To anybody thinking about Sono Bello, Carol says, “just do it, it is amazing. My team was amazing.”

“It’s my lifelong dream. It’s what I’ve always wanted to look like.”

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