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Battling Depression Through Self-Improvement: Denise’s Sono Bello Story

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Four years ago, Denise experienced a traumatic family event that sent her into a prolonged period of anxiety and depression. This severe decline in her mental well-being eventually physically manifested itself, causing her outward appearance to reflect her inner turmoil. This is not uncommon. Weight fluctuation is a consistent trait among people who suffer from mental health conditions, and it can compound their sadness by diminishing their confidence and self-esteem. Denise recognized this vicious cycle and resolved to do something about it before it was too late. If she was going to fight back against depression and reclaim her confidence, she needed to commit to a comprehensive self-improvement routine.

She began working out and dieting but struggled to burn off the stubborn fat that accumulated around her midsection over the years. This made her feel temporarily discouraged, but her determination was strong. Rather than accepting defeat, she accepted help from professionals specializing in fat removal who could help her get back on track.

Denise chose Sono Bello after reading several success stories from people like her who had achieved body transformations with liposuction surgery. She also liked that Sono Bello procedures are minimally invasive, which means a faster recovery and less downtime. Factors like affordability and location also informed her final decision to schedule an appointment at our Tyson’s Corner, VA, office to have her upper/lower abdomen and waist operated on.

The surgery went smoothly, and Denise is now almost fully recovered. She feels and looks fantastic. She went from wearing a size XL to a small within two months of her operation. She says that she has regained a significant amount of confidence and happiness and finds herself smiling throughout the day, which would have been unthinkable several months ago. Getting back on her path towards self-improvement has increased Denise’s sense of purpose and has helped her fight back against depression. She says, “The impact of Sono Bello on my confidence has been tremendous. I no longer cover myself in black clothing, XL clothing is a thing of the past, and I can’t wait for summer to return so that I can wear a two-piece.”

The reaction from her friends, family members, and colleagues has been universally positive. Some of them have even been shocked and confused as to how she was able to achieve such a dramatic transformation seemingly overnight. She feels much more comfortable in public settings and enjoys having her picture taken again. She’s even been asked to pose for professional photoshoots as a model! This significant change in her appearance has even been surprising for her. Denise says, “The most unexpected part of the process was how quickly my appearance changed and how much more it will change. The drastic changes in sizes… XL to a small within 2 months and from a 14 to 6.”

Aside from the changes in her physical appearance, Denise has experienced a more valuable improvement in her mental health. As a result, she feels inspired and optimistic about life, both personally and professionally. Recovering from depression is a difficult process but finding ways to become motivated and confident are big steps in the right direction.

Looking forward to things and liking who you see in the mirror are significant achievements for anyone who’s experienced extreme sadness, and we’re all inspired by Denise’s progress. And she’s not done! She plans to use her Sono Bello transformation as a catalyst to propel her towards even more growth and improvement in the years to come.

For anyone considering liposuction surgery, Denise’s advice is: “Make sure to be consistent with wearing the compression garments and massage the area at least twice a day. Understand that the results will be different for everyone, so do not compare your progress to others’ progress.”

To begin your Sono Bello journey, schedule a free consultation with one of our liposuction experts at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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