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Brianna’s Sono Bello Experience was a “10/10”

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Brianna is a 26-year-old from Ontario, CA. She works two jobs and has very little time to herself. As a result of this busy schedule, things like exercise, dieting, and self-care fell by the wayside, and Brianna began to gain weight.  

Feeling unhappy with her physical appearance only added to the stress that she felt about her work life. The vicious cycle of weight gain and depression fed into itself until one day, Brianna decided that things had gone far enough. It was time to take control of her mental and physical health. It was time to schedule a liposuction consultation finally.  

Brianna spent time researching her options and called around to several liposuction providers in her area. However, her decision to go with Sono Bello ultimately came down to customer service.  

She told us, “I reached out to a lot of places, and Sono Bello was BY FAR the kindest. They had the best atmosphere. The team worked with me to answer all 1,000 of my questions and took my every call without hesitation.”  

Shortly after her consultation, Brianna scheduled an appointment to have her liposuction surgery done. She had her chin, upper/lower abdomen, pelvis, sides, and lower back operated on.  

She is now two months post-op and is down 25 pounds! Brianna says that liposuction changed her life “immensely.” She is proud to say, “I am in love with me again. I have confidence every time I want to put a cute outfit on. Higher self-esteem has helped me grow and helped my mental health.” Now fully recovered, Brianna says that her Sono Bello experience was “a 10 out of 10. 5-star rating.” 

Brianna’s family was hesitant when she first told them that she was considering getting liposuction. However, after seeing her transformed body and how it has improved her health and happiness, they changed their minds. They’re all very happy for her now.  

Since her mind is no longer consumed by depression, Brianna now has the focus and energy to live life to the fullest. This summer, she is excited to “wear simple clothes without being self-conscious and go to the beach in a bikini with my friends!”  

To anyone considering getting liposuction surgery, Brianna’s most significant piece of advice is to do your research and find a place where you feel comfortable and taken care of. 

If you found Brianna’s story relatable, we highly encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. It’s your life; live it beautifully. 

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