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Elizabeth Turns Back the Clock

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“I’m lighter, I have more energy and I’m not dragging. I’M ME AGAIN!”      

The aging process affects people in different ways. Many people who previously had no issues with weight find that they start to put on pounds as they get older. For our featured patient, Elizabeth, menopause had an extreme effect on her body that left her feeling like she couldn’t recognize herself.

In her younger years, she was a collegiate swimmer and lived a very active life. If she started to gain a little weight, she was able to lose it quickly by getting in the pool and exercising regularly. She took pride in her athleticism and had a positive body image.

When she turned 54, she realized that her usual active lifestyle wasn’t enough to stop her from gaining weight. She struggled for 5 years feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. She wore loose, flowy clothes to disguise the weight she was carrying around her midsection, and felt very discouraged by her inability to get rid of her problem areas.

When Elizabeth heard an ad for Sono Bello, she says she felt like a lightbulb went off. She knew she had to learn more, so she scheduled her free consultation. Her Sono Bello team made her feel at ease. From the moment she walked through the door, Elizabeth knew she had made the right move by coming to see us.

She describes her procedure as “the easiest thing ever” and says she woke up with results the next day. Just three weeks later she was showing off her body on a beach in Cabo! Now, at 57, Elizabeth feels like she has regained her youth and remembers what it feels like to walk around with confidence. She views her procedure as a jumping off point, and continues to live an active and healthy life.

“I feel so young and vibrant again. I had lost that!”

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