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Ending 2020 with a Bang… and a Smaller Belly: Kriss’ Story

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When Kriss decided to get micro-laser liposuction at Sono Bello, it’d been a long time coming.  

 As a working mother and wifeshe’s always busyAnd now that her two children attend school virtually because of the Coronavirus pandemicshe barely finds time to breathe. 

So, as the holiday season approachedKriss knew it was time to do something for herself. After a year of unexpected events and added stress, she wanted to revamp her appearance and enter 2021 with confidence. 

And for Kriss, that meant finally finding a solution to help her eliminate her stubborn extra belly fat. 

Years ago, before having kids, Kriss barely struggled with body issues. It was after her second C-section, she says, that the baby pooch just wouldn’t go away.” 

The stubbornness of this extra abdominal fat was unusual for KrissShe had always been very active. She was a ballroom dancer and even tried hand-to-hand self-combat and self-defense. 

 She wasn’t used to not getting results. But when her regular physical activities failed to get rid of the fat, Kriss grew insecure of her body.  

“I hid myself in pictures, making my kids sit on my lap to hide my belly,” she reveals. 

Before deciding on Sono Bello, Kriss researched various liposuction procedures and providers 

One day, she saw a social media ad for Sono Bello boasting of faster recovery and more effective results, so she decided to book a consultation to learn more.  

Ultimately, Kriss elected to get TriSculptSono Bello’s leading micro-laser liposuction procedure, from our Detroit facility. She had the procedure done on her upper and lower abdominal areas. 

Now onemonth post-op, Kriss says she’s thrilled with the progress she’s already made. 

“I assumed recovery would be painful, but it wasn’t,” she says. 

Just one day after the procedure, Kriss was back to working her desk job from home. Then, just three days later, she was out and about running errands. 

On top of that, Kriss recently went for a jog and was blown away at her increased range of motion 

“Then I tried some gentle yoga, and I’m definitely gaining some confidence there!” she says. 

For others considering a Sono Bello procedure, Kriss offers this advice: “Trust the process, listen to the doctors’ advice, accept the post-op swelling, and be a good patient. Follow thdirections. 

The only thing Kriss regrets about her Sono Bello procedure is that she didn’t do it earlier. 

“I LOVE my body — even after just one month. And my husband is blown away at the results!” 

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