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Feeling Like Herself Again: Hillary’s Story

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Two and half months before she got married Hillary decided to do something for herself and get a liposuction procedure. As a Sono Bello Employee in New York, she was familiar with the centers, doctors, and experiences. “I’ve seen how many lives have been changed from this procedure and I wanted that for myself.”

After working out and eating right, Hillary still wasn’t getting the results she wanted. She had an area on her abdomen that wouldn’t go away but knew that liposuction could help. “I know you can’t choose where you lose.”

After she had TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction done on her abdomen, bra roll, and arms, Hillary felt sore. “I felt like a did a lot of sit-ups, but definitely very manageable.” In the following days, she was able to resume a normal day-to-day life. She says that eating clean and reducing her sodium intake helped out her recovery.

Life after her procedure Hillary says, “I just feel so much more comfortable in her body.” Hillary was a professional dancer for many years, and when she stopped, her body changed. She doesn’t have the same amount of time that she once did, though since her procedure she has more energy, feels like herself again, and has committed herself to the gym.

The best thing for Hillary is that she is more excited about Sono Bello and even more excited to help change patients’ lives. The people in her life have noticed a positive difference in her.

Hillary says that patients shouldn’t wait if they’re considering it. She says that anytime is the best time and it doesn’t need to be done when you have to be dressed in layers. It’ll change your life in how you eat, dress, and look at your body. “Anytime will be the right time. There’s no reason to put it off.”

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