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Following Her Heart and Striving Towards Her Best Self Amid Uncertainty

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2020 was quite the year, wasn’t it?

COVID-19 swept the globe, and everything changed instantly. It was ⁠— and continues to be ⁠— a time filled with stress and uncertainty.

But, as 2021 begins, we’ve all started to regain hope. Finally, we are beginning to look forward ⁠— moving on from the unexpected and anticipating a better future.

Near the end of last year, Hannah, a mom and healthcare worker from Florida, became laser-focused on self-improvement and reclaiming control of her future. She decided it was the perfect time to get back on track with a few personal goals she’d set for herself long before quarantine.

One of these goals was to lose some of the stubborn fat covering her problem areas (her stomach, waist, and back).

To achieve this goal, Hannah had already exercised heavily for about a year. She’d started doing HIIT workouts everyday as a quick and effective way to burn fat.

To her disappointment, she didn’t make much fat loss progress from trying HIIT. Despite her hard work and consistency, she still wasn’t any closer to her ideal weight or appearance.

Hannah felt frustrated. From that point on, she vowed to go the extra mile to lose the fat ⁠— which included pursuing a medical procedure, if necessary, for maximum results. She was unhappy with her body and she knew there weren’t any pregnancies in her future to worry about. Nothing was holding her back anymore.

Then, the first COVID-19 mass quarantine hit.

Gyms closed. Everything closed ⁠— except for essential businesses. And Hannah found herself unable to exercise as frequently or intensely as before.

That’s when she really started considering fat loss options other than diet and exercise.

On her journey to finding a provider (and choosing Sono Bello), Hannah had a few requirements. For starters, she knew she wouldn’t be able to miss more than three days of work to recover from a procedure.

Plus, as a healthcare worker who helps car accident patients and others rehab and recover from traumatic injuries, Hannah knew she wouldn’t be able to tolerate an extensive recovery ⁠— especially one that left her bedridden or with limited mobility for more than a day.

As she explored the many cosmetic fat loss procedure options on the market, Hannah test-drove two methods: cavitation and ultrasound. Ultimately, she was underwhelmed by both.

Eventually, after doing extensive research and getting a personal consultation, Hannah made the decision to receive TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction and Venus Legacy cellulite reduction treatments from Sono Bello’s Orlando facility. Her doctor was Nicholas Houlis, D.O.

Looking back at the actual procedure, Hannah speaks highly of her experience. As a medical worker herself, she was impressed by Sono Bello’s COVID-19 safety protocol. “It’s the best I’ve experienced,” she says.

She went on to commend the medical staff. “The doctor and nurse were amazing,” says Hannah. “She held my hand and even let me play my own playlist!”

Hannah also says she felt safe and in control going into the procedure ⁠— she didn’t have any lingering questions, and there wasn’t anything that she didn’t understand. She credits Sono Bello’s friendly, helpful employees for making her feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment.

The one thing that did surprise Hannah about her experience was that no one knew she’d even gotten a procedure!

“I went in on a Friday and was back to work the following Monday. Nobody knew!” she says.

Hannah felt fantastic after her procedure, even with the typical swelling that comes with recovery. As the swelling went down, people began to notice her fat loss. And she started to feel happier and happier with the progress she was making.

Since receiving the treatments a little over two months ago, Hannah has dropped three dress sizes ⁠— going from a size 10 to a size seven. She also says she fits in clothes that she wore before she had her daughter over six years ago.

“I’m proud to look at herself in the mirror, and I’m happy [with my appearance],” Hannah says. “My grandpa even said to me ‘What happened to the rest of you?’!”

Overall, other than the amazing results she’s already seen, Hannah says her favorite part of the whole experience was the Sono Bello culture.

“I loved the transparency of Sono Bello. I got great post-op care and emails every week with what to expect,” she explains. “Oh, and the people! It felt like a family each visit to Sono Bello.”

As she continues to recover, Hannah looks forward to making more fat loss progress. She thanks Sono Bello for helping her start on the path to earning her dream body.

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