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For Sonja, it’s all about the details

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Sonja is a TV personality and lifestyle influencer. Spending most of her time on camera, she knows what it feels like to be self-conscious about the little things. She’s always been happy in her body. She works out, eats healthy, and feels great but over time, looking at yourself through a camera lens makes even small insecurities become noticeable.

For Sonja, it was the stubborn fat around her armpits, upper abdomen, and hips. No matter what she did, age and biology made those areas appear “pudgy” compared to the rest of her toned body.

“I look great, and I feel great,” Sonja said. “But could I take a bit off here and there? Of course. But just a little because I want it to look and feel natural.”

Why TriSculpt?

She chose Sono Bello’s TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction because she wanted to hone in on those smaller, tough-to-reach areas like the armpit.

Not only were the results important, but with Sonja’s busy schedule, she needed a procedure that would allow her to get back to work as quickly as possible. With TriSculpt, she appreciated the minimal downtime and was back on set within the week.

Sonja partnered with the Sono Bello Westchester, NY, location to come up with a plan to take care of her problem areas and remove the fat permanently.

“I’m not really one to do something that isn’t permanent,” she said. “So the fact that this stubborn fat can be gone and never come back? That’s one of the reasons I chose Sono Bello.”

Healing and Recovery

Sonja’s surgery went smoothly. She was in and out within hours and recovered easily. Within a week of her procedure, Sonja was back on set and camera ready.

Please check back for updates on Sonja’s Sono Bello Journey.

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