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Getting Her Groove Back: Natasha’s Story

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Natasha was in her mid-40s, she had raised 2 children, and had noticed her body change as she had gotten older. “When I got to my 40s, I noticed a big change.” She realized she’d gotten bigger and gained fat and she became very unhappy with her body.

“I tried the diets, I tried all the fads, all the pills.” Natasha even went to her doctor for testing to see if anything was wrong, but nothing was working. This change in her body changed her mindset too as she began focusing on the areas of her body that were bigger.

Due to this unhappiness, Natasha began to hide her body, both in clothes and by staying home and not leaving her house. She would order food in, didn’t like pictures, and wore big clothing. She finally realized that she needed to change.

When changing her eating habits didn’t work, Natasha gave up again. She was at her heaviest when she heard about Sono Bello. So, she made the phone call that changed her life. Natasha had her consultation and says, “it was wonderful.”

She decided to have micro-laser liposuction done on her stomach, waist, and back in her first procedure and about a month later she had a procedure on her arms, knees, thighs, and inner thighs.

Natasha saw her body shrink almost immediately. That physical change led to other changes in her life. “It pushed me to stop eating the cake and junk food. It gave me a jumpstart to go forward to get energy and I did.”

Natasha then decided to have AbEX, Sono Bello’s tummy tuck alternative, done on her stomach. By that time, she had gone down five sizes in six months. And now she is ready to go, “I don’t feel like a hermit anymore.”

She now dresses in a way she wouldn’t before, by wearing tight clothing and dresses. She works out, eats right, exercises regularly. She says her taste buds have changed and she doesn’t eat the same things she used to. “Sono Bello breathed new life into me!”

Natasha says, “Information is key. If I didn’t have the information to go to Sono Belo, I wouldn’t have.” To anyone at home thinking about it, she says, “Don’t waste time and get a new body, get a new you, get a new way of thinking.”

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