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Healthy Ways to Fake a Tan

Now that spring is finally arriving, it’s time to break out the short sleeves and skirts. If you live anywhere in the Northern part of the country, chances are those upper arms and legs are looking pretty pasty. But of course you’re not going to run right out and lay in the sun! You know that UV rays are dangerous and can cause wrinkles and premature aging.

While you might think that tan-in-a-bottle products are the answer, the truth is that many fake tan products aren’t much better for you than the sun damage they’re meant to replace. They’re full of chemicals and are often in spray form, which means you’re breathing in toxic fumes every time you try to give yourself a glow.

So what’s a pale girl to do?

Eat more Veggies
This may sound crazy, but it’s true! Eating more vegetables can give your skin a healthy glow. Vegetables contain carotenoids, which give the skin a golden glow that is comparable to a light tan. Several studies have shown that people who eat diets high in vegetables are rated more attractive than those who don’t eat their greens. Getting your recommended five servings of vegetables a day can make you look sun-kissed in addition to giving you an antioxidant boost, so eat up!

Black Tea
If eating lots of vegetables still isn’t giving you enough of a glow, you can make your own self tanner at home from one completely natural ingredient. Simply steep a few teabags in some boiling water. Any black tea will do, save the fancy stuff for drinking. Once the water cools, put it in a spray bottle and spray your arms and legs for an all-natural fake tan. You may need to play around with your technique a bit and try multiple layers until you get the right shade.

Cocoa Powder
Another ingredient from your pantry can help you get the beachy look without the burn. Try mixing a small spoonful of cocoa powder in with your normal moisturizer. Rub the cocoa-tinted moisturizer in really well for even coverage. Make sure you’re not going to be getting your legs wet or sweaty—this will wash right off with water!

Do you have any fake tanning tricks? Or have you learned to embrace the pale?

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