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Ivonne Is “Obsessed” with Her Results

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“I have become the happiest person on Earth.”

That’s what Ivonne said one month after her liposuction procedure at the Sono Bello office in Austin, TX.

She had been considering having liposuction for years, but due to her busy schedule and a persistent hope that she could burn the fat off by herself, she kept postponing the surgery. And as a working mother of five children, it’s hard for her to take any time off.

Eventually, however, her desire to improve her self-image and physical health overpowered her busy schedule. She decided that it was time to invest in herself. As a Sono Bello employee, Ivonne was familiar with our patients’ stories and was encouraged by the results that she had seen women like her achieve. She was convinced that the long-term rewards of liposuction would be well worth it. She finally made peace with the fact that dieting and exercise alone wouldn’t get her to where she wanted to be, so she sought our help to accomplish her fat-loss goals.

Shortly after her consultation, she went in to have TriSculpt® micro-laser lipo fat removal performed on her upper/lower abs, hips, and waist. She also had our AbEXTM skin-removal procedure to ensure that her results looked smooth and toned once she healed.

Ivonne has been down 10 pounds since her operation, and she feels happier and healthier than ever!

She says that her Sono Bello transformation has had “a huge impact on my self-confidence. Now I can wear whatever I want and feel good about myself. Sono Bello has changed my life tremendously.” Even though winter has just begun, Ivonne is already looking forward to being able to wear a two-piece swimsuit to show off her awesome new body.

Ivonne says that she’s “obsessed” with her results, and so are we! She looks amazing and, more importantly, she’s happy. So, if her story resonated with you and made you feel like starting your own Sono Bello transformation, we happily encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your nearest Sono Bello location today. It’s your life; live it beautifully.

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