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Lenora’s Stunning Mommy Makeover

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Lenora certainly wasn’t overweight, but her body wasn’t where she wanted it to be after having two kids. Her stomach specifically never totally recovered to its pre-pregnancy form, and people would often ask her if she was pregnant long after she had given birth. This was both annoying and demoralizing for Lenora since she worked hard on her physical fitness and tried to maintain a healthy diet. 

The shape of her stomach and the stubborn layer of fat cells surrounding her abdomen and waist were not her fault; they were the natural result of being a mother. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t flatten her belly. This was especially frustrating for Lenora because she works as a professional sexual wellness coach, so feeling confident and comfortable with her body is an important part of her job. How could she coach others to love themselves if her own self-esteem is lacking? She said, “I hated how I looked in clothes and did not feel good about myself. I was depressed for a long time about my weight in the stomach area.” This was when she knew that it was time to seek professional help.  

A coworker of Lenora’s had recently lost a significant amount of weight and was looking especially fit. Curious about her colleague’s recent transformation, Lenora asked what her secret was. When her coworker mentioned Sono Bello, Lenora – having already done some research on liposuction – decided that it was time to book an appointment for her own Mommy Makeover. 

After a free consultation, Lenora scheduled an appointment at our  Charlotte location to have her waist, back, belly, and bra-roll operated on. She also elected to have our  AbEX  skin tightening procedure done to ensure the smoothest possible results post-operation.  

It has now been six months since her operation, and Lenora is feeling like her old self again. She told us that “Having this procedure has boosted my self-esteem. I feel good about myself, and I can wear things that I wore before having children.”  

The surgery itself went perfectly; Lenora says her surgeon “made me comfortable and assured me that she could achieve the results I was looking for. The best part about this process was the immediate results and the support and education from Sono Bello.”  

As for the recovery, Lenora says, “The recovery time was so shocking. I was able to cook the next day. I was sore but was able to go right back to work, and I did not have much downtime.”  

And her friends and family have noticed the transformation are “amazed by the results.” Some of them have even gained the confidence to book procedures for themselves. The best part of the whole process for Lenora, like so many of our patients, was the confidence that it gave her. She can now wear form-fitting dresses without a girdle, she can wear two-piece bathing suits to the beach, and best of all, she says, “other people can feel the positive change in my energy.”  

Overall, Lenora’s Sono Bello journey was a resounding success. Her advice for any women (especially mothers) who are feeling down about their appearance after having children is, “Why wait? This is an affordable way to get rid of stubborn fat and reclaim your body.”  

If any part of Lenora’s story resonated with you, we highly encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best. So, let’s get your Sono Bello transformation started!

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