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Lucy’s Journey Inspired Her to Inspire Others

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Lucy, aka “Cutty Queen,” as she’s known on her social media channels, is a public health educator who always strived to inspire and help others. Whether through work or posting on her channels, she seeks to inspire others with her “walk the walk” attitude. 

That’s where her Sono Bello journey began. After all, how would she continue to feel confident telling others how to live healthy, happy lives when she was uncomfortable in her own body?

After getting her surgery in August, she’s a new woman: Ready to show off her curves and inspire those around her to stay fit, active, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Her Sono Bello Experience

Lucy’s main concern was her stomach and the excess fat and skin around her midsection. She chose to visit Sono Bello because she saw it as the safest option. In August, Lucy got TriSculpt on her upper and lower abdomen and waist. 

In the weeks after the surgery, she reminded herself to be patient as her swelling came and went. She maintained her healthy diet and drank plenty of water to combat the inflammation and now looks phenomenal. 

“You have to have patience,” Lucy says. “You will surely see results; just be patient with yourself.” 

Following the success and fantastic transformation after getting TriSculpt, Lucy continued to work out and eat healthily. After losing even more fat, she’s decided to return to her Sono Bello team for AbEX to remove excess skin due to her incredible weight loss journey.

Life After Lipo

The small things are exciting for Lucy: Slipping on a dress and feeling confident, swimming in a bikini, stepping into a room with self-assurance.

After getting TriSculpt, Lucy is excited every time she gets dressed. “I can wear anything without worrying about my belly fat or stomach showing,” she says. She notes how emotionally draining it can be to focus on your body and feel uncomfortable constantly, and now she’s leaving those emotions behind and stepping into a new era. 

Lucy’s Tips

There are three big lessons learned from her procedure with Sono Bello, and now Lucy is confident and ready to share them with the world.

Firstly, Lucy wants patients to educate themselves about the process. No, not the surgery process itself, but what comes after. She wants to show others what it’s like to overcome low self-esteem and give yourself the gift of confidence. Most importantly, she wants people struggling with their bodies to know there is always an option to get the body you want. You just have to take the first step. 

After successfully healing and maintaining her new healthy lifestyle, Lucy also wants others to be well-versed in the ins and outs of post-op life. So she spends her free time educating others about eating well, staying active, and ditching bad habits that might jeopardize their results.

Lastly, Lucy wants to encourage others to be patient. “Sometimes after surgery, people might think it wasn’t worth the hassle because they aren’t seeing results overnight,” she says. “It takes time, patience, and consistency, and you’ll surely see results.” 

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