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Maria Slimmed Down from a Size 3XL to a Medium

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Like so many others, Maria’s Sono Bello journey began with a desire to improve her body but an inability to do it on her own. She was reluctant to go to the gym because she “hated her midsection” and felt self-conscious working out in public. She did have some success dieting, though. By sticking to a strict ketogenic diet, Maria shed 40 pounds in a matter of months. However, even after that commendable weight loss victory, she still felt unsatisfied with her body. 

The stubborn layer of fat around her midsection had not gone away. So, for the next six months, Maria researched different ways to address her problem. Since the traditional methods of burning off fat weren’t working, she would have to get creative and seek a fat-loss solution that was right for her.  

During this time, Maria saw a few ads and testimonials from Sono Bello patients displaying the physical transformations they could achieve with liposuction surgery. Intrigued by what she saw, Maria began exploring Sono Bello as a potential remedy for her problem. She liked that the surgery was minimally invasive, which led to a faster recovery time. This is what finally sold Maria on the operation. After discussing her options with an expert from our team during her free consultation, she decided to schedule an appointment to have her hips, waist, and abs operated on at our Austin, TX  location. 

The surgery went smoothly, and Maria is now fully recovered and looking fantastic. In addition to liposuction, she also elected to undergo TriSculpt E/X™ skin-tightening surgery, so her skin has retained all of its smoothness and elasticity post-operation.  

After her procedure, Maria says, “It has been so amazing, and I’m so much happier. I show my body more and don’t hide behind my clothes. I just feel so much better about myself.” She also says that she’s excited to do more outdoor activities and go to the gym now that she feels comfortable and confident with her body. This is a big step forward for Maria on her path to self-improvement because one of the major things deterring her from going to the gym before was that she felt self-conscious about her midsection. Now, with that psychological barrier removed, there’s no limit to the potential progress that she’ll be able to make. Liposuction is often a great way for people to kickstart their fitness routines, and we’re happy that we were able to set Maria up for continued success. 

Her friends and family have all been supportive throughout the process, and now that she’s fully recovered, they’re “amazed and impressed” with the results. Maria’s advice for anyone considering liposuction for themselves is, “Just do it! Take the first step towards a new body and schedule your consultation.”  

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