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Monique Feels Like She’s 20 Years Old Again!

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Monique takes pride in her appearance. The way she dresses, the way she presents herself in public, these are things that she’s carefully cultivated over the years. However, the one thing that kept preventing her from achieving her ideal self-image was her weight.  

Monique wasn’t overweight, but she always felt like she could be in a better place. She worked out as much as anybody else and her diet was usually healthy, but she was never able to fully burn off stubborn body fat.  

One of the biggest obstacles for Monique was food. She felt like food controlled her rather than the other way around. When she found herself craving something, it was difficult to ignore the urges. While this is a perfectly normal struggle, Monique was tired of letting those urges get the better of her. 

Beginning her self-improvement journey 

Finally, Monique decided that she’d had enough. It was time for her mind to triumph over the matter. She was in complete control of her body. She began practicing better discipline with her eating, working out regularly, and researching liposuction options to ensure that the problem went away for good.  

Why Sono Bello? 

As someone interested in beauty and self-improvement, Monique followed several fitness influencers online. She also paid attention to communities and forums that discussed weight loss and body contouring. Through these channels, and after seeing a handful of Sono Bello advertisements, she decided to reach out to our Hanover, MD office and scheduled a consultation.  

About the surgery 

Less than two months after her initial discussion with our patient education team, Monique was in the operating room getting ready for her Sono Bello liposuction surgery. She had her upper/lower abdomen, waist, and back operated on. The procedure went flawlessly, and Monique says that shortly after her appointment she noticed that all her old pants didn’t fit anymore! 

The road to recovery 

Following our prescribed rehabilitation program, Monique returned to her normal life after a couple of weeks. As a self-employed entrepreneur, she can’t afford to take a lot of time off work but making sure that her body healed correctly was worth it in the long run. A combination of rest and active recovery ensured that her results looked phenomenal and she felt strong. Everybody’s body recovers differently, so it’s important to be patient and deliberate during the rehabilitation process. 

Life after lipo 

Since her surgery, Monique has a new-found confidence.  She finally feels sexy again. She can wear whatever she wants and not worry about concealing her belly. This increased self-esteem has given her the freedom to enjoy life more fully. She looks forward to shopping now and wants to start traveling more often.  

Even small things like going out with friends or walking around her neighborhood have become more enjoyable now that she feels comfortable with the way she looks. Monique says, “I feel 20 years old again!” 

Now that her transformation is complete, the last thing she wants is to slide backward in her self-improvement journey. Monique’s Sono Bello experience was a springboard from which she can make even greater strides towards her best self. Eating right, working out, and practicing moderation will be the key to her continued success, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.  

For anyone considering liposuction surgery for themselves, Monique’s advice is: “Do your research! Be sure this is the right decision for you. And if it is, continue to work on improving yourself after the operation.”  

Monique’s motivation and commitment to achieving a better body are an inspiration. If you were moved by her story, we encourage you to begin your own Sono Bello transformation today.  

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