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After losing a massive amount of weight, it is common for those last few pounds to lag behind. One of our patients, Oscar, lost 100 lbs but couldn’t shed the last of his unwanted fat to reach his weight loss goals. He began the search for the perfect cosmetic team and found Sono Bello. “The reason why I chose Sono Bello was because I wanted to undergo a procedure that was noninvasive, a quick recovery, and the testimonials were just it for me! I knew from then on that Sono Bello was the right choice for me,” he said. After his procedure, Oscar felt like a new person.

Oscar lost weight and gained confidence. Underneath his unwanted fat was newfound fearlessness and perseverance to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Oscar was stunned that he was seeing results within a week of his procedure. He kept progressing in his journey and was able to wear clothes he never would have before his Sono Bello procedure. Oscar said his results were improving as each month passed. He felt amazing and even joined a gym and began wearing short sleeves in public; something he never had the courage to do before his procedure. “I’m so thankful for Sono Bello for completely changing my life. My self-confidence has definitely increased!” he said. Oscar admitted he use to feel sad and never wanted to do anything. Now, he finds himself wanting to socialize, dress up, and be active. “I just love life,” he said. We believe being confident in your own skin is important, which is why we pride ourselves in helping our patients achieve their dreams.

Receiving compliments from family and friends about his transformation meant a lot to Oscar. It made him feel even more satisfied about his weight loss. “The people in my life have definitely reacted positively. My friends and family are always like, ‘You look so good!’ Even complete strangers are asking, ‘Do you work out? What’s your secret?’ The best thing about this entire process has to be my results! I never thought that my body could transform into this body I dreamed of.” Oscar is proud of his commitment to working hard and not being afraid to seek help to improve his results. We were thrilled to help him become his best self.

Oscar was very pleased with our Sono Bello center located in Schaumburg, IL, outside of Chicago. “The staff was so caring, loving, and always there to answer any questions I had. That would have to be the best thing about this entire process,” he exclaimed. “Whenever I’m asked about Sono Bello from friends and family or even strangers, I tell them about my success. To the results, they can achieve! To how Sono Bello has changed my life and how it could change theirs. To doing what makes them happy! Ultimately Sono Bello was the best decision I ever made!” Oscar’s life has changed in the best way possible.

We have recently added a second surgical center, located in Oak Brook, IL, for better convenience to all Chicago area residents. If you are ready to start living your life beautifully, give us a call.

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