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Rachel's Return to Confidence

“I am ecstatic I went to Sono Bello.”

Change is inevitable. As we grow up, our lives often change dramatically. Many times, so do our bodies. Whether it’s a metabolism that slows as we age, hormonal differences, or becoming a mother, there are many factors that can make us feel as though we’re no longer in control of our bodies.

Throughout high school, Rachel played sports and was always active. When she became a mother to two boys, her active lifestyle just wasn’t enough to get rid of the extra weight she had gained. She went to the gym diligently and ate a healthy diet, but her problem areas wouldn’t go away. She started wearing baggy clothes to hide her shape and didn’t like the way she looked.

Rachel decided to embrace the good changes her life had brought, while not accepting the changes to her body that made her unhappy. After seeing several friends get great results from Sono Bello, she was inspired to make an appointment herself. As a young mother, budget was a big concern, so she was thrilled to learn a procedure was within her reach.

Today Rachel has her confidence back and feels great. She wears form-fitting clothes, and even put on a bikini after six years of trying to cover up at the beach. We think the positive changes she has made in her life are absolutely inspirational!

“My self-esteem and confidence have gone up, and now I can wear clothes that fit me so much better! Shopping is now a pleasant experience!”

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