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Shatima Says Sono Bello Made Her Feel “Like Family”

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Shatima’s weight loss journey began several years ago when she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in show business. She was happy enough at her nine-to-five job but knew deep down that her personality and charisma were meant to be in front of a camera.  

Luckily, her intuition to follow her dreams turned out to be right, and in the past few years, she’s begun a promising career as a television personality. The only issue was, despite the way she felt on the inside, she didn’t feel as confident in her outward appearance.  

She was self-conscience about her body, especially the stubborn fat that – despite her strict fitness and nutritional regiments – refused to burn away. This discomfort impacted her performance. She had lost some weight but still struggled to eliminate problem areas.  

If she was going to reach her full potential, Shatima knew she needed to be confident and self-assured, so she decided to seek help from professionals. 

She looked into a number of treatment options and ultimately decided to trust Sono Bello with her fat removal surgery because, during the consultation process, the support staff was “amazing” and “treated her like family.”  

Shatima felt comfortable and valued while speaking with our team, which we always love to hear. She also decided to go with Sono Bello because she “wouldn’t have to be put under” during the surgery. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, patients do not have to be under general anesthesia in the operating room.  

On October 15th, Shatima went in for her liposuction surgery at our Norfolk, VA location. She had the excess fat permanently removed from her upper abs, lower abs, and back. She also had our AbEX procedure done on her belly to ensure the best possible results. This post-procedure excess skin removal provides a tighter, toned, and more sculpted appearance. 

Since her surgery, Shatima says that her confidence is much higher and she is looking forward to wearing the “smaller, sexier clothes I’ve always dreamed of.” She can’t wait to show off her new body in a two-piece bathing suit and continue her fitness journey by participating in more active outdoor activities.  

Professionally, her high self-esteem and newfound optimism will hopefully lead to more opportunities to be in TV shows and even some modeling gigs. She always had the attitude and the drive to be successful, and now that her outer beauty matches her inner strength, there truly is nothing holding her back. We wish her all the best in her endeavors, both personally and in her career. 

Shatima’s advice for anybody thinking about getting liposuction surgery with Sono Bello is, “Do it! It’s safe and they treat you like family.” 

If this story made you feel like it’s time to begin a self-improvement journey of your own, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with the Sono Bello team at your earliest convenience. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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