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Sono Bello, Dress for Success Join Forces to Help Women Re-Enter the Workforce in Style

Job losses and unemployment have been a non-stop struggle since the beginning of the pandemic. Especially among women, lay-offs and furloughs have been disproportionately common. 22.2 million Americans lost their jobs in 2020, and well over half of those lost jobs belonged to women.

On a month-to-month basis, this disparity has often been even more dramatic. For example, in December of 2020, women famously accounted for 100% of all the jobs lost in the U.S. economy.

After seeing these statistics, we knew we needed to act. Women make up over 80% of our team members, and our client base is 85% women. Our mission is to transform lives by removing those areas of stubborn fat, thus improving our clients’ self-image and boosting their confidence. We believe that when someone feels positive about themselves, that positivity manifests itself in all areas of their life, including their career.

Guided by this vision and motivated by the U.S. job-loss numbers, we decided to partner with Dress for Success, a non-profit that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing them with a network of support, development tools, and professional attire.

We were proud to sponsor their “31 Days of Women in Power” campaign. In honor of Women’s History Month, Sono Bello donated over $80,000 to Dress for Success, impacting the lives of thousands of unemployed and underpaid women. To learn more about how Sono Bello and Dress for Success worked together to promote women helping women, check out this video from our YouTube channel:

We also spent the month of March highlighting the many female leaders on our own team via our social channels. Inspired by Marian Wright Edelman’s famous quote “You cannot be what you cannot see,” we wanted to showcase our many female employees in leadership positions to show other women what’s possible. Check out our Instagram to see all of the posts from Women’s History Month.

By shining a light on our own female leaders, giving back to a non-profit that empowers women to gain employment, and helping our patients live beautiful lives, we’ve hopefully begun to chip away at this monumental issue. We thank you all for your support and invite you to continue taking positive, proactive steps towards economic equality for women.

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