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Susan’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story

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“It’s not about perfection; it’s about personal growth.”  

These words reflect Susan’s attitude throughout her decade-long weight loss journey. She has no set finish lines, only steps in a continuous process of self-improvement. Her only goal is to keep getting in better shape every day. And, as you can tell by her Instagram page, this approach has paid off.  

Susan is now 130 pounds lighter than she was at her heaviest back in 2011. She was able to achieve this incredible transformation through a combination of dieting, surgery, and willpower.  

Her decision to undergo Sono Bello liposuction and excess skin removal surgery was, as she puts it, “another step on my overall health journey and a part of my promise to myself to start living a better life.”  

Susan had already lost a substantial amount of weight on her own, so her liposuction and AbEX operations were about maximizing those results that she had achieved. She wanted to eliminate the lingering fat cells and smooth out the sagging skin that losing more than 100 pounds had naturally left behind.  

Susan is now recovering from her procedures and is already feeling like a new woman. After only 48 hours, she says that she had regained most of her mobility. Outwardly, she could see the physical transformation clearly, and her self-confidence has never been higher.  

She says that the best part of the surgery was, “the thought that I can fit into my new size of clothing is amazing. And I imagine my dating life will also improve.”  

Susan is excited to enjoy an active and well-rounded life finally. “When I was obese, I felt like I was barely living. There was so much I couldn’t do because of my obesity. Now, every day, I’m building a new me mentally and physically.”  

The reaction from her family and friends has been positive and empathetic because many of them are going through weight loss journeys of their own. They feel happy for their friend and motivated by the results that she was able to accomplish. Susan likes to remind them that they “have to be realistic with their expectations and they have to commit to self-care; mind, body, and soul.”  

To anyone considering having liposuction surgery, Susan’s advice is, “Be realistic and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is your unique journey.”  

If you found Susan’s story as inspiring as we did, we encourage you to schedule a free Sono Bello consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.  

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