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Tameka Gave Herself the Gift of Curves this Holiday Season

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After working out and dieting didn’t give Tameka the results she wanted, she decided that liposuction surgery was the best way for her to achieve her best body. Her goal was to eliminate the stubborn belly fat that was slowing her down and use the transformation to kickstart her fitness journey.

After a consultation with our support team, she went to the Sono Bello office in Atlanta, GA, to have liposuction performed on her upper and lower abs, waist, and arms. She chose Sono Bello because the surgery was “minimally invasive and required little downtime.”

Since her surgery, she is looking and feeling fantastic. The excess fat surrounding her abdomen has been removed, revealing her beautiful, natural curves beneath. And, as she said, her new body is just the beginning. She wants to kick off the new year with a new commitment to physical fitness. “With the belly fat gone, I can focus on improving the rest of my body. My ongoing goal is to become healthier and fitter.”

The confidence boost that she got from her Sono Bello operation has been tremendous. She looks so good that she’s even considered modeling! She feels sexier in her clothes, and, as she puts it, “out of her clothes, too.” We couldn’t be happier for her and think that she’d make a fantastic model. Her journey proves that, for many people, liposuction is not about getting from point A to point B. It’s about getting to a place where you can successfully begin or continue your own self-improvement journey. An inability to burn off stubborn fat can hold people back from achieving their full potential. Tameka just needed a little help getting on the path to her best self.

Tameka says that she wants to encourage women like her, who have struggled to eliminate excess fat, to consider laser liposuction. Just make sure that you “prepare ahead of time, ask plenty of questions, and stick to the recovery plan.”

Tameka’s results speak for themselves, but if you’d like to achieve a body transformation of your own, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation and speak to a Sono Bello team member. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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