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Crystal's Story

A mom of 2, Crystal says that her body bounced back after having her kids. But then it was about a year and a half later when she stopped working out that she became unhealthy. Every mom knows the drill, Crystal became her children’s taxi driver, chef, and everything else in between. “I just stopped doing things for myself.”

Crystal knew that she had neglected herself and was ready to do something for her. She underwent our TriSculpt E/X procedure at our Minneapolis, MN location. This procedure combines liposuction and the removal of sagging abdominal skin. Crystal had procedures done on her upper and lower abs, waist, and inner thighs.

Crystal says it had been 10 years since she looked in the mirror and liked what she saw. Once the swelling had gone down following her micro-laser liposuction surgery, she was able to wear a bathing suit that she had been saving.

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Success Stories

“Get the body you want, the body you deserve.”

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Success Stories

“I’ve kept my new shape and can even wear a bikini now! Sono Bello has given me a freedom I’ve never felt before.”

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