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How Much Does Laser Liposuction Cost?

For far too long, people have found their journey to their ideal appearance blocked by concerns over the price of fat removal procedures.

It’s not hard to see why: for decades, the popular myth about liposuction was that it was too expensive, and out of the reach of most people’s budgets.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Today, modern advances in the techniques and technology used in fat removal procedures like those offered by Sono Bello have helped bring the cost of laser liposuction down to much more affordable levels.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest factors that influence the price of laser liposuction, and information on how patients can successfully achieve their dream body at a cost they can afford.

How much does a laser liposuction procedure like TriSculpt cost?

The cost of a laser liposuction procedure is typically influenced by several factors, including:

  • – How many areas of the body will be treated
  • – The patient’s body mass index (BMI)
  • – The time required to perform the procedure
  • – The equipment required to perform the laser liposuction

Sono Bello laser liposuction procedures like TriSculpt are specifically designed to provide maximum fat removal results at affordable prices.

Because every Sono Bello procedure is customized to each patient’s specific needs and goals, the actual price of a laser liposuction may vary from patient to patient.

The best way to find out exactly how much a laser liposuction procedure will cost is to speak with a Sono Bello patient care consultant, who will help determine which areas of the body will be treated and how much each patient can expect to spend on their procedure.

Does BMI impact the cost of laser liposuction?

A patient’s body mass index (or BMI) plays a key role in determining how much a laser liposuction procedure will cost.

The higher a patient’s BMI, the more fat they will likely have removed by the surgeon during the laser liposuction procedure. This adds time and requires a greater effort and degree of skill from the surgeon. This may also impact the amount of localized anesthetic required for the procedure.

All of these factors can add to the overall cost of a laser liposuction procedure, although Sono Bello takes steps at every stage of the process to minimize costs and maximize efficiency to help reduce the total cost for each patient.

Does awake liposuction cost less than liposuction with general anesthesia?

Sono Bello’s awake laser liposuction procedure does not use general anesthesia, and instead relies on only localized anesthesia to perform the procedure. This allows patients to stay awake during the laser liposuction, and dramatically reduces both the risk and recovery time on the day of the procedure.

Typically, general anesthesia can be a risky step for any surgical procedure, and usually involves patients being treated in a hospital setting with a much greater risk of complications. All of this, plus the actual higher cost of the anesthesia drugs themselves, can all add to the cost of a laser liposuction procedure.

That’s why Sono Bello procedures use only localized anesthesia and never general anesthesia. Not only does this ease the overall surgery process for the patient, but it also helps to lower the cost of the procedure itself. Plus, recovery from localized anesthesia is often faster and easier for patients, allowing them to get back to work and life even easier after their laser liposuction procedure.

Are there cost savings to having multiple body areas treated with laser liposuction?

Yes, having multiple body parts treated with laser liposuction in a single procedure can help significantly reduce the cost of the overall procedure itself.

By combining treated body areas in a single procedure, surgeons are able to achieve high levels of efficiency in each laser liposuction. Because the surgeon is already set up with the equipment, localized anesthesia, and surgical setting, simply adding more treated areas to the same procedure becomes both efficient and cost effective.

Plus, Sono Bello also offers a discount for each body area treated when several are grouped in one procedure. The more areas treated with laser liposuction in one procedure, the lower the cost to the patient for permanently removing fat from each of those body parts.

Permanent Fat Removal Disclaimer

Are there payment plans available for laser liposuction procedures?

Sono Bello specifically designs their laser liposuction procedures to maximize affordability. However, Sono Bello also believes that each patient’s ability to pay for their procedure may not always be the same—and that this should not get in the way of any patient achieving their ideal body shape.

That’s why Sono Bello offers a variety of financing options to help patients find the right payment schedule to support their laser liposuction goals.

This allows Sono Bello patients to space out their payments over up to 60 months, making it simple to make payment for laser liposuction procedure manageable for as many patients as possible.

Are there any additional savings or promotions available for laser liposuction?

Sono Bello regularly offer promotions and added savings for patients considering laser liposuction, including discounts as high as $250 off for patients considering fat removal.

The best way for patients to keep up-to-date with Sono Bello’s latest promotions and added savings offers is by following Sono Bello’s Facebook or Instagram pages, or by subscribing to Sono Bello’s email updates through the Sono bello website.

How can I make a laser liposuction procedure more affordable?

Patients looking to maximize the effect of laser liposuction while minimizing the overall cost can take a few basic steps prior to their procedure:

1. Get your BMI as low as possible. Because the cost of a laser liposuction procedure is influenced by the amount of fat to be removed, a patient can help to minimize the cost of their procedure by starting from a lower BMI.This allows the surgeon to focus on removing only those stubborn, hard-to-conquer fat pockets that just can’t be trimmed with diet and exercise alone.

2. Combine multiple body areas in one procedure. Sono Bello offers significant cost savings when multiple body areas are treated in a single procedure. For patients trying to minimize the cost of their laser liposuction, this could be a smart way to get the most fat removal at the lowest possible cost per body area. This also offers the added benefit of more efficient overall recovery from the procedure, since each body area can heal at the same time.

3. Talk to a Sono Bello patient care consultant. A required step for all Sono Bello patients prior to meeting with a surgeon, this consultation with a patent care consultant may be a patient’s best opportunity to find the best possible cost for their desired laser liposuction procedure. The patient care consultant can help each patient figure out exactly where on their body they want treated, and how to combine these treatments most efficiently to maximize impact while minimizing cost per body area treated.

4. Make the most of Sono Bello’s promotions and added savings. Sono Bello believes that every patient should be able to achieve their ideal body shape, and that cost shouldn’t have to stand in their way. That’s why every patient is encouraged to follow Sono Bello’s ongoing promotions and added savings, which can help make it even easier to save on laser liposuction procedures.

Laser Liposuction: Great Results Don’t Have To Be Too Expensive

Many patients considering laser liposuction still feel concerned about the cost of the procedure, often because they expect or assume the procedure will cost a lot of money. Sono Bello is focused on changing that, and innovation in techniques and technology are helping to pave the way.

That’s why Sono Bello’s surgeons are all highly trained in micro-laser technology and specialize in the art and science of superior body contouring and skin excision. That way, they can achieve the best possible results for patients at the most affordable cost.

For anyone interested in starting their laser liposuction journey, a free consultation with a patient care consultant is a great place to start.

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