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Lipo 360 vs. Traditional Liposuction

Looking to shape, tone, and contour your body to achieve your ideal body shape? If so, liposuction—and, in some cases, Lipo 360—may be the best choice to help you reduce stubborn belly fat and shape other hard-to-tone areas of your body.

If you have never heard of Lipo 360 before, you may be surprised to learn it is a popular choice among people who want to target more than just one area at a time. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider Lipo 360 for your fat reduction procedure.

What Is Lipo 360?

As the name implies, Lipo 360 applies an “all-around” approach to the typical liposuction procedure.

360-degree liposuction (also known as “circumferential” liposuction) applies the same techniques for fat removal as traditional liposuction but addresses the entire midsection (front, side, back) in one procedural setting.

How is Lipo 360 Different from Traditional Liposuction?

While the differences between Lipo 360 and other liposuction procedures may seem straightforward, it helps to understand exactly how they differ when selecting the procedure that is best for you.

Lipo 360 vs. Traditional Liposuction

Typically, traditional liposuction focuses on only one area of the body at a time—focusing exclusively on the abdomen, on the hips, or elsewhere on the body per procedure. Traditional liposuction is highly targeted and does not extend beyond the designated area.

Lipo 360, on the other hand, focuses on the entire midsection in one procedure. Usually, Lipo 360 includes fat removal in the abdomen, the lateral and posterior waist, the hips, and the back bra roll. In other words, the treatment “wraps” around the entire mid-section without skipping distinct areas in the process.

Lipo 360 vs. Tummy Tuck

While Lipo 360 (and, for that matter, traditional liposuction) usually focuses specifically on fat removal, these procedures often do not focus on also removing excess skin caused by significant fluctuations in weight.

A tummy tuck, on the other hand, does focus on removing excess skin and may be especially beneficial for individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and now have excess skin hanging over their lower abdomen.

How Safe is Lipo 360?

Given the advancements made to the liposuction procedure in the past several decades, the safety of liposuction procedures like Lipo 360 has greatly improved—making the procedure much more safe for the thousands of patients who undergo the procedure each year.

As with all surgical procedures, liposuction is not without risks, and Lipo 360 is no different. Ultimately the safety of your liposuction procedure will be largely determined by the skill of your surgeon, so it is important to choose carefully and discuss your risk factors with your surgeon before the procedure.

One important caveat to remember during treatment of multiple body areas is the need to maintain strict safety pre-procedure and after the procedure is over.

Because Lipo 360 focuses on a larger portion of the body, the procedure itself usually takes more time to complete. Longer procedures pose greater physiologic stress to the body, and so extra care should be taken by each patient to ensure healthy preparation and recovery for a Lipo 360 procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Lipo 360?

Since Lipo 360 is a more advanced procedure with a wider scope than traditional liposuction, it may offer some significant benefits for individuals looking to make changes to multiple spots on their body via liposuction.

Lipo 360 treats the entire torso as a single unit, where individual pieces all work together to create one whole-body shape, surgeons can create a much better aesthetic endpoint compared to traditional liposuction. Not only does this help “unify” the look of all treated areas, but it may also help keep the overall look of the procedure more even across the entire midsection.

Similarly, there can sometimes be noticeable “transition areas” when liposuction is performed on just one area of the body, or when multiple areas are treated on multiple procedural settings or by multiple surgeons. With Lipo 360, a single surgeon may be able to eliminate these ill-defined transition zones and thereby create a smoother edge along the treated areas.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lipo 360?

Just as with traditional liposuction, it is important to understand who may be the right fit for Lipo 360 and what the potential risks may be before moving forward with the procedure yourself.

The same individuals who are good candidates for traditional liposuction are also likely to be good candidates for Lipo 360. These individuals should be:

  • At or near their ideal weight (within 30%)
  • Body mass index (BMI) of less than 42
  • Not seeking overall weight loss ⁠— wants highly targeted fat loss
  • In good overall health

The good news is that virtually anyone with unwanted fat can benefit from liposuction, and Lipo 360 can be a reliable choice for anyone focused on shaping their entire midsection in one procedure.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Lipo 360?

Like any form of liposuction, Lipo 360 can deliver meaningful results for individuals looking to achieve their ideal body shape. However, the actual time required to see results after the procedure will likely change with each person.

Generally, patients should expect a few weeks of healing time for the surgical incisions to heal completely after the Lipo 360 procedure, followed by a few weeks to a few months of minor inflammation at the procedure site. As this inflammation heals, the final contours will be revealed showing the full results of your Lipo 360 procedure.

Understanding Lipo 360 with Sono Bello

At Sono Bello, we utilize Lipo 360 in our procedures with a specific focus on protecting patient safety while delivering excellent results.

Our surgeons maintain the utmost safety by performing all procedures with patients under minimal sedation, thereby avoiding the heavy burden of deeper sedation and general anesthesia. This is one of the main reasons why Sono Bello maintains the highest levels of standard of care, and why so many individuals choose Sono Bello for their liposuction and Lipo 360 procedures.

At Sono Bello, we safely and permanently remove fat while focusing on the most pleasing aesthetic outcome by treating the entire body in a greater aesthetically pleasing fashion. By performing Lipo 360 with this holistic approach to the aesthetic outcome, our surgeons are able to deliver high-quality results with better outcomes for all patients.

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