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What is Micro-Laser Fat Removal?

For patients seriously considering liposuction, there are several different types of procedures and techniques worth exploring.

One of those is micro-laser fat removal, a type of liposuction that has become increasingly popular among patients across the country. Sono Bello has been providing micro-laser liposuction to patients for over a decade and the positive results seen in so many of those patients speak to the benefits of this technique.

Here’s a closer look at micro-laser fat removal, what patients should know about the procedure and what makes it an option for patients focused on removing stubborn fat from otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

What is micro-laser fat removal?

Micro-laser fat removal, also known as micro-laser liposuction, is the process of removing fat cells from a patient’s body using laser-assisted liposuction technology.

In most cases, micro-laser liposuction provides a less invasive method for removing fat from the body, often requiring a less intensive recovery time and often providing smoother, more natural looking results.

How does micro-laser liposuction work?

By using variable laser technology to target and liquify fat in the patient’s body, micro-laser liposuction makes removal of fat pockets much easier and much less invasive.

Here’s a look at how a micro-laser liposuction procedure with Sono Bello is performed:

1. After speaking with a Sono Bello patient care consultant and scheduling an appointment with a local Sono Bello surgeon, the patient will determine the parts of the body that they would like to have fat removed.

2. The Sono Bello surgeon will administer local anesthetic to the targeted areas. This is delivered in the form of tumescent fluid, a saltwater IV fluid containing lidocaine (a numbing agent) with epinephrine (hemostatic agent to minimize bleeding) used in safe amounts to numb the pain.

3. Once numbed, the patient’s body areas are targeted with power-assisted technologies, using micro cannulas and gentle suction to remove the majority of unwanted fat.

4. For the finishing touches, laser-assisted equipment is used to contour small body areas and smoothen out the work done with the power-assisted micro cannulas.

5. Once completed, the patient is prepared for recovery and provided with a personalized recovery plan from their Sono Bello surgeon.

Is micro-laser fat removal the same as liposuction?

Yes and no. While the overall goal of micro-laser fat removal and liposuction may be similar—removing fat cells from a patient’s body to shape and contour body areas with stubborn fat pockets—the major difference between the two procedures comes down to the techniques and technology used.

Micro-laser fat removal benefits from technological advancements in power-assisted equipment and variable laser technology to better extract fat with less effort. This technique also allows the surgeon to target much smaller and more delicate body parts, which may not be reachable with traditional liposuction.

By using laser technology to assist in the liberation of fat, Sono Bello’s micro-laser liposuction procedure can provide maximum fat removal with less trauma than other, more traditional liposuction procedures, which rely much more on the muscle power of the surgeon to properly remove fat.

Another major difference is the use of anesthesia: while many traditional liposuction procedures require the use of general anesthesia—a much riskier option, which can often lead to complications and a longer recovery time—Sono Bello micro-laser fat removal requires only localized anesthesia to the target areas.

This allows micro-laser liposuction patients to remain awake through their procedure, allowing for faster recovery post-procedure compared to patients who choose more traditional liposuction.

Plus, the thermal energy generated by laser technology actually has a beneficial effect on collagen stimulation. This collagen stimulation plays a big part in aiding the final appearance of treated areas, helping to tighten skin and provide a smoother, more natural look.

Does micro-laser liposuction work for fat removal?

Yes. Micro-laser liposuction is a highly effective technique for removing stubborn fat pockets, especially from hard-to-reach body areas like upper arms and under the chin.

Since Sono Bello started providing micro-laser liposuction back in 2009, Sono Bello surgeons have performed over 250,000 procedures across 70+ locations nationwide, resulting in thousands of satisfied patients who have shared their stories of success with micro-laser fat removal.

What parts of the body can be treated with micro-laser liposuction?

Because micro-laser liposuction allows surgeons to target even small areas of the body with high levels of precision, it is often an ideal choice for patients seeking fat removal from areas not usually reachable with traditional liposuction.

Tummy & Abdomen: One of the most popular applications for micro-laser fat removal is liposuction of the midsection, especially the area around the stomach. This can be an effective way to help women who have recently been pregnant get back to their pre-baby body and may offer an even more effective alternative to the traditional Tummy Tuck procedure.

Arms: As many patients who live with excess arm fat know, this can be one of the toughest areas to reduce fat with diet and exercise alone. That’s why micro-laser liposuction may be the best choice for removing stubborn fat from a patient’s upper arms, allowing patients to remove up to 50-70% of fat from the targeted areas.

Back & Bra Roll: Many women struggle with stubborn fat around the upper back and bra roll—and all too often, these areas are simply too delicate or difficult to reach for traditional liposuction procedures. However, using micro-laser liposuction, a Sono Bello surgeon can effectively remove fat and contour these back & bra roll areas in one procedure.

Chin: For all those patients struggling with the look of their chin and neck due to stubborn fat pockets, traditional liposuction is usually unable to make a real impact—mainly because of the small size and delicate nature of the area. Micro-laser liposuction, however, provides just the right balance of minimally-invasive and effective fat removal to help slim the chin area with minimal recovery time required.

Legs & Thighs: Excess fat on the skin, knees and thighs can pose a serious problem for patients who feel self conscious about the appearance of their lower half, especially during the summertime. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction may not always be able to provide the ideal, smooth, contoured look many patients seek. That’s where micro-laser liposuction can help, allowing a surgeon to remove inner or outer thigh, knee, calf, or ankle fat.

Male Chest: For men living with gynecomastia—or the non-cancerous enlargement of male breast tissue, most often caused by an imbalance of the testosterone-estrogen ratio—the resulting appearance can be embarrassing and not easily rectified through diet and exercise alone. For these men, micro-laser liposuction may be able to help permanently remove that chest fat and help sculpt a more defined chest shape.

Who is a good candidate for micro-laser fat removal? Who isn’t?

Patients in good health who have an active lifestyle and areas of fat they would like to have permanently removed are usually prime candidates for micro-laser liposuction.

However, micro-laser liposuction may not be suited for individuals with:

  • – Pacemaker
  • – Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • – Active Chemotherapy Treatments
  • – Recent Heart attack (within 5 years)
  • – Current Pregnancy
  • – Dialysis
  • – Oxygen Tank
  • – Organ Transplant Waiting List
  • – Treatment with Blood Thinners
  • – Surgery in the proposed area in the past 6 months
  • – Heart Disease
  • – Kidney or Liver disorders
  • – Body Mass Index over 42

For all patients, it’s a good idea to first consult with a Sono Bello patient care consultant and with a Sono Bello surgeon to truly understand all considerations before going into a micro-laser liposuction.

Is micro-laser liposuction safe?

Yes, micro-laser fat removal is safe and effective for patients who meet the qualifications for the procedure.

That said, the most important factor in determining the safety of a micro-laser liposuction procedure is the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure. Sono Bello’s network of over 150 Board Certified surgeons across the country have specialized in procedures like micro-laser liposuction, providing patients with high levels of confidence and a proven track record of success.

Is micro-laser fat removal painful?

Because Sono Bello surgeons utilize general anesthetic during the micro-laser liposuction procedure, most patients feel little to no discomfort during the procedure itself.

For some patients, minor amounts of discomfort are not uncommon during the initial recovery period, especially as the small incisions heal and swelling begins to decrease post-procedure. Within a few weeks, most patients feel no pain and see their final results from their micro-laser liposuction.

Is micro-laser liposuction permanent?

Permanent Fat Removal Disclaimer

Because fat cells are actually removed during the micro-laser liposuction procedure—fat cells which, although they may expand and shrink as patients lose and gain weight, do not ever actually grow back—the micro laser liposuction procedure is considered permanent.

However, patients may still see fluctuations in their weight and changes in appearance to treated areas if they do not maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen after their procedure. That’s why sticking to the recovery plan provided by a Sono Bello surgeon is critical to achieving the desired results.

What are the risks of micro-laser fat removal?

While Sono Bello’s micro-laser fat removal procedure is designed and tested to maximize results while minimizing any negative impacts, no surgical procedure is without risk.

For micro-laser liposuction patients, these risks may include infection, blood clots, scarring and surface irregularities—although for the majority of patients, these risks tend to be low.

What’s the difference between micro-laser liposuction and CoolSculpting?

While Coolsculpting and micro-laser liposuction both work toward the goal of removing fat from stubborn, hard-to-reach parts of the body, they do so in different ways—and, for some patients, provide significantly different results.

Coolsculpting uses patented cooling technology to “freeze” the fat which is then eliminated by the body over time. It does not require anesthesia and provides fairly reliable treatment of stubborn fat with minimal discomfort. However, because of the nature of the procedure, Coolsculpting may not be able to remove as much fat as micro-laser liposuction, or provide results that appear smooth,

Micro-laser liposuction, in contrast, uses “hot” laser technology to melt fat away prior to suction. This allows for a greater degree of fat removal in a single procedure and because of the benefits to collagen production provided by the lasers’ thermal energy, can provide better skin tightening and smoother final results for patients.

How much does micro-laser fat removal cost?

The actual cost of each Sono Bello micro-laser liposuction procedure is largely determined by each patient’s specific needs, which body areas (and how many) they would like treated and the patient’s starting Body-Mass Index (BMI).

The best way for a patient to understand the actual cost of a micro-laser liposuction procedure is to talk with a Sono Bello patient care consultant and with their Sono Bello surgeon. Sono Bello also offers procedures at affordable prices and a wide variety of financing options to help support each patient’s ability to afford the procedures they want.

Learn more about micro-laser liposuction today

For any patient seriously considering micro-laser liposuction as a solution for hard-to-slim body areas, the best way to truly understand what results the procedure can provide is to talk to an experienced professional.

Anyone interested in learning more about micro-laser liposuction to schedule a free consultation with a Sono Bello patient care consultant. This can help provide even more clarity on the benefits and risks of micro-laser fat removal, and why it could be a smart choice.

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