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Conquering Body Image Issues: Men Do It Too

For many women, diet, fitness, and body weight are constantly at the forefront of their thoughts and concerns, but what about the men in their lives? Was the “Dad Bod” trend a short lived bit of humor? What impact does this kind of media have on your everyday guy?

With all the health and fitness buzz these days, it’s safe to say everyone is feeling the pressure to live a healthier lifestyle, and get into great shape – not just women. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that states 39% of heterosexual men and 44% of gay men are dissatisfied about their weight, while 30% of heterosexual men and 45% of gay men are unhappy with their muscle tone. In fact, a significant number of men (20% of heterosexual men & 39% of gay men), feel uncomfortable about their bodies enough to attempt to hide certain body parts from their partners during sex.

It’s becoming more and more important to realize that everyone – male and female alike – has ideal body image goals of their very own, and whether that brings them to a shiny new gym membership, a breast augmentation, 6:00am boot camp on Thursday mornings, or Trisculpt™, we are all in the same boat!

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