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Getting Her Mojo Back: Julie’s Story

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Julie, a Sono Bello Patient Care Consultant, had never had a problem area. She had always worked out and watched what she ate. Then she ran into health problems and she couldn’t get back to where she was. She became bulky in her midsection and thought that’s how it was going to be as she was approaching 50. “It was deflating to be doing the work and not seeing results.”

Then, she realized she didn’t have to be uncomfortable in her skin. Even as an employee, Julie says, “I truly believe in what we do.” She realized she had problem areas and wanted to address them, she wanted to be able to fit into her clothes. “I had been jealous of our patients,” so she became one.

Julie had done her homework before becoming a Sono Bello employee because she doesn’t want to represent a product she didn’t believe in. Having board-certified plastic surgeons who are exclusive in what they do was important to her. As a patient, she says, “there truly is a connection to that midsection and the mindset of how we feel. This is about feeling good in our own skin!”

Julie was more nervous about her procedure than the recovery process and notes that “the procedure was a breeze”, though she was sore for a couple of weeks after, despite flying 48 hours post-procedure. She says the procedure “did not keep me from doing anything,” though patients should expect to be sore.

Since her procedure, Julie says “I got my mojo back!” She had micro-laser lipo done on her upper and lower abdomen, waist, and hips. Her clothes fit differently, it’s easier to dress when you have your most frustrating area gone. Julie feels empowered to not have to hide her body. She was able to go to her class reunion and not hide!

Her friends see the impact on how she feels. The best thing about the process for her was the immediate results and the emotional uplift. She notices a difference every time she looks in the mirror, “I didn’t realize how negatively the weight impacted me until it was gone.”

She says she’d recommend Sono Bello because “there are benefits in going to the industry leader” and they will track your progress.

Now Julie is back to her youthful self and no longer feels frumpy. She is able to accentuate her body and feels entirely different!

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