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Stephanie Put on a Bikini for the First Time in 48 Years

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Like millions of Americans, Stephanie was profoundly affected by the events of the past two years. The widespread suffering brought on by dual health and economic crises forced her to contextualize her own life and prioritize what was truly important: her health and happiness. 

As Stephanie puts it, “I decided that life was too short to wait. I have a supportive spouse, and – with my high blood pressure – now was the time to get a jump start on losing weight.” 

Shortly after coming to this realization (about two months later), Stephanie booked a consultation and then an appointment to have her Sono Bello liposuction surgery at our Denver, CO location with “the amazing Dr. Hendrick,” as she calls him. 

Stephanie’s commitment to her wellbeing and her attitude towards liposuction are both very healthy. Notice how she called it a “jump-start” to weight loss, not a weight loss solution. Remember, liposuction is all about removing stubborn fat from your body so that you can better maintain an active lifestyle. It’s about getting to you a place where you feel comfortable and confident taking your physical fitness into your own hands. We commend Stephanie for recognizing this fact upfront. 

It’s been about six months since Stephanie’s last procedure, and she says that her confidence has been “taken up a notch.” This increase in confidence is noteworthy because she also told us that she has always been a “very confident person.” She also says that she feels much more comfortable exercising and doing activities outdoors because she “feels lighter.” 

Her recovery process went smoothly. She said that the most surprising part of her whole Sono Bello journey was how quickly she recovered from the surgery. After only three days,  that she was feeling better. And she says that right after the procedure, she could feel the transformation in her body. The one key piece of post-surgery rehabilitation advice that Stephanie would give to anyone considering having a liposuction operation is, “Make sure you roll, roll, roll the area after the procedure. Don’t stop. I wish that I would have done that more frequently.” 

At 48 years old, Stephanie lost 25 pounds and finally put on a bikini at the beach for the first time in her life! Her physical transformation and her mental fortitude have inspired our whole team, reminding us why we do what we do.  If any aspect of Stephanie’s story resonated with you, we encourage you to book a free consultation and begin your Sono Bello journey as soon as possible. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best. 

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