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You Can Find Running Shoes For Under $100

Buying running shoes is one of the most challenging parts of the sport. After all, in a sport like competitive or non-competitive running, there really is little equipment necessary but the shoes. As such, running shoes are big business with some of the top brands costing several hundreds of dollars.

If you run very often, you may find that replacing those shoes as often as you need to becomes rather financially overwhelming—especially if you buy the more expensive types. However, can you get by with a more affordable pair of running shoes?

While you may not want to purchase your running shoes at the local discount store, it is possible to get a good pair of shoes under $100—especially if you follow these simple shoe-buying tips.

Shop Last Year’s Models – One of the best ways to save money on shoes is to have a willingness to wear last year’s models. Check the clearance rack or shop online and you may be able to find shoes that are just as good as the super expensive models for a fraction of the price.

Get Professionally Fitted – Take the time to visit a running store or big box athletic store that offers professional fitting. Knowing what size you actually wear could allow you to save money. You may think you need the super-flex tops, but in reality maybe you just have wide feet and need a wide-width shoe.

Determine Your Needs – Are you a track runner, grass runner, road runner or trail runner? Each of these types of runners have different needs. You may not need to pay for trail running shoes if you will just be jogging through the neighborhood.

Shop Online – While the sports store may make it easy to find a wide variety of shoes in one place, it isn’t always the most affordable place to purchase. Look up the same shoes online, even checking sites like Amazon and Ebay. You may be amazed by how you can save big money just by ordering from a different distributor.

No matter whether you purchase the cheapest or most expensive running shoes on the market, it is important that you make sure that they are perfectly comfortable. Only when you are comfortable in your shoes will you be able to perform at your best and will you be less likely to face injuries during your runs.

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