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Sono Bello Tampa Reviews

4.58/5 rating from 811 reviews

Are you ready to start living your best life? If you’re considering a Sono Bello procedure, you’re in the right place! Learn more about how Sono Bello has transformed lives for the better. Read reviews from real Sono Bello Tampa patients to hear it directly from the people who matter most! We truly care about every one of our patients and strive to treat everyone with respect. You’ll see these values reflected in our Sono Bello Tampa reviews below.

Sono Bello Tampa

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“I want to thank Dr. BOSE for immediately attending to my well being. I had an open wound I thought was an issue. I contacted the customer service line and they transferred me to speak to the Dr. As i was having a panic attack. It was a Saturday and I thought I was in trouble. He quickly understood and heard my concerns. He immediately said if all ok etc..please go to the office Monday morning for me to check the issue. The nurse I forgot her name and Dr. BOSE took immediate attention to me. Put me at ease and provided the care I needed. I am 6 week post op and I am so happy with the staff and Dr. BOSE attention. I tell everyone if there looking into a tummy tuck and or Lipo to visit sonobello and ask to be seen by Dr. BOSE.”
yolanda on BirdeyeMay 26, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“I began my Sono Bello journey in April, 2021, I had my consultation, and at the time there was no way I could afford the procedures I wanted. So, I decided to save my money, and go back when I could pay cash. Fast forward to March, 2022, after a year of saving and researching, I was ready, and went back for my second consultation. I set the date and had my first procedure at the end of April. Dr. Bose not only has impeccable bedside manner, he’s an expert at his craft! I didn’t feel a thing through the entire procedure, and aftercare was a breeze. I was back at work in less than a week. My second procedure was two weeks later, again, a breeze. I’ll have my final procedure once I’m all healed and not so swollen, but my results so far are INCREDIBLE! I’ve dropped nearly 4 sizes in only 3 weeks! My confidence is soaring! I cry tears of joy instead of tears of defeat when I try clothes on, and it’s all because of Dr. Bose and his remarkable team at Sono Bello Tampa. I’m ecstatic to get to my final results, and I love showing off my progress to others. I’ve even inspired some family members to go have consultations!! I wish I’d found Sono Bello sooner. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their confidence and self esteem. This journey has been a game changer for this momma of three! Thank you!!”
Hillary on GoogleMay 18, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“Sonobello has been an amazing experience, the staff, the nurses, the doctors have been excellent. I am grateful for the care of specially Monica, my Venus massage therapist. She has been a great person to come and see weekly. Monica is professional and very courteous.”
Elsa on BirdeyeMay 17, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“The staff is amazing, caring and very accommodating and attentive. I felt like I was around family when I had my procedures and every follow up appointment.”
Jeanine on BirdeyeMay 17, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“Have been having a wonderful and pleasant experience with SB so far. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, personable and understanding. They truly know the definition of customer service! I would definitely recommend SB for any treatments they offer, quality service, care and treatment of course comes with a price tag. You may pay a little ( cost is relative for everyone) but they are willing to work with you. It’s the difference between purchasing a pair of Brooks running shoes and some no name brand from say Walmart or target. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! Thank you staff!”
Ashley on GoogleMay 16, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“I was worried about doing multiple areas at once, especially because it was basically my whole mid section. The staff was great and put me at ease right away. Dr. Bose was really nice, to the point and pointed out what he thought was best as well as asking what bothered me the most. Imagine that, a doctors asking me what I'd like or don't like. The only negative was the time frame foe healing. I was told that I'd be up and able to work the next day or the following day. It was 5 days and I still barely made it through my first day back. My advice, if you do, inner thighs, waist, stomach and "banana roll", at once, you'll need more time off. Getting up and sitting down are super hard. Overall, my experience was excellent. I'd recommend anyone to Sonobello who needs a little something or a lot of something. I'm not even close to being healed yet but I already see an amazing difference. You won't regret it.”
Daphne on BirdeyeMay 10, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“Monica has been so supportive of me through this experience. She explains the details of my transformation so my expectations are met with ease. She is very gentle and understanding of my fears and even my own personal counselor when my son is bearing down on my life with his HS graduation and college issues lol. Shes much cheaper than a counselor lol.”
Nicole on BirdeyeMay 10, 2022
Star Star Star Star Star
“Dr. Moffitt and Rachel made me feel very comfortable and they have an amazing team and the most wonderful atmosphere. I would recommend Sonobello to the anyone!”
Anita on GoogleMay 06, 2022