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Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth’s goals going into her liposuction surgery at our San Diego location were clear. She said, “I wanted to get rid of my mommy belly, and I didn’t want to be put under anesthesia. I was tired of feeling uncomfortable with my body’s appearance, and I was tired of having to tuck and hide the parts affected by childbirth.”   

She’s now fully recovered from her procedure and says, “I was surprised at how painless the procedure was! My surgeon was great and talked to me through the entire surgery. The nurses were super helpful in getting me the answers I needed and were always there to listen.”  

We’re thrilled that her experience was so positive, and her results are incredible! Elizabeth’s “mommy belly” is gone and she now has a new set of mommy abs. She says she feels “amazing!”

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Success Stories

“Having this procedure has boosted my self-esteem. I can wear things that I wore before having children.”

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