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How Jared Got Rid of His Trouble Areas with Sono Bello

At Sono Bello, we love all the beautiful women who walk through our doors. We’re also really excited when men come in with a desire to transform their bodies and kick start a healthy lifestyle. Sono Bello isn’t just for the ladies, and Jared’s inspiring story is proof!

Jared works construction, but despite his active job and some significant weight loss, his middle section was still a problem area. He tried everything from exercise to unhealthy crash diets. Nothing helped in his quest to get rid of his love handles and belly fat.

I’d lost a lot of weight and no matter how much I exercised, I still had a “muffin top” and it would just never go away.

He felt like his body was getting in the way of his work, and as a young single guy it was also getting in the way of his dating life. He was tired of always having to pull his pants up at work since nothing fit him right, and didn’t want women to see him without his shirt on. In construction, it’s really important to be able to move around and navigate tight spaces. Jared felt like his body was holding him back.

It was really annoying for so long having to pull my pants up constantly because I had this belly that would never go away.

Jared did some research and decided to give Sono Bello a try. He says it is one of the best decisions he ever made. Without a big belly and love handles getting in his way he can move around a lot easier at work. He also has newfound confidence when it comes to dating. He’s so happy with his results he recommends Sono Bello to all his construction buddies.

I tell all the guys on the job site… ‘Try Sono Bello. It really works. It’s great. If you have a trouble area that will not go away and it’s stubborn and you want it gone, it will be gone.’”

Watch the video to see how Sono Bello changed Jared’s life

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