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How Kaiesha Got Her Confidence Back

After having two children, Kaiesha had a bulge in her abdomen that just wouldn’t go away. She tried dieting and exercise, but couldn’t get her old shape back. She didn’t like the way she looked in clothes and her self-esteem started to suffer.

“After having kids, I was dieting and exercising: sit-ups, crunches… I could do a million of those and still I had this bulge in my abdomen area that I just could not get rid of.”

Things came to a head at Christmas one year, when Kaiesha realized she wasn’t looking forward to the holidays at all because she was embarrassed about how she would look at parties. She hated wearing dresses or anything that might highlight her problem areas. Her lack of confidence in her body was stopping her from attending events she normally loved. She decided it was time to take action.

Kaiesha started to research her options online. She went to consultations at a few other places, but it was Sono Bello where she felt right at home. She told us that everyone at her Sono Bello facility made her feel at ease. She was able to ask all the questions she wanted to, and she made up her mind right away!

“I was a little nervous at first, but once I got to Sono Bello and talked to the staff I was very comfortable. They made me feel very comfortable.”

After the procedure, she felt different right away. She felt confident and proud that she had taken important steps to reclaim her body. Once she saw her results she was even happier. Her self-esteem came right back and she was so excited to wear dresses again.

“After the procedure, I felt more confident, higher self-esteem, the way I look in clothes–it’s just different.”

Kaiesha also finds it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle now. She feels more comfortable at the gym and is motivated to maintain her new body through healthy diet and exercise. She’s committed to a healthy regimen so she can continue to feel great about her body and wellness.

“My outlook has changed. I am more into having a healthy regimen and working out. It’s easier for me to go to the gym now. I want to maintain what I have.”

Kaiesha isn’t the only one who loves her new look. Her two daughters are proud of her for getting her confidence back and looking her best. Friends and family members are all impressed with how great she looks—everyone wants to know her secret! She’s happy to share; in fact she recommends Sono Bello to everyone from coworkers to her mom.

We think Kaiesha looks fantastic, and we’re so happy we could help her get her confidence back.

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