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Myriah's Journey to Healthy & Happy


“I feel like a whole new woman since my procedure.” 

So many people assume that if you eat right and exercise regularly you won’t be overweight. Although this sounds pretty straightforward, it’s actually an oversimplification. While diet and exercise are important parts of a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of other factors that go into determining someone’s weight.

You never know what’s happening in someone’s life. They may be dealing with significant personal problems, struggling with stress and anxiety that contribute to health issues, or taking medications that cause weight gain.

That’s the story of one of our featured patients, Myriah. When she was put on medication that caused weight gain, she found that her confidence and mood took a big hit. She felt depressed and defeated, and was unable to get the weight off through diet and exercise. She even tried expensive diet pills that had no effect at all.

Myriah realized she couldn’t go on feeling so terrible about herself. Thankfully, she had the courage to seek help. In addition to addressing her medical issues and committing to a healthy lifestyle, she reached out to Sono Bello.

How many of us have struggled through summer after summer stressing about putting on a bathing suit and wearing revealing clothes on hot days? Myriah decided she was going to break this cycle and make a positive change.

We were honored to help Myriah on her journey, and are so proud of how far she has come! Since her procedure, she has lost an additional 20 pounds and continues to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. She now proudly wears a bikini at the beach and is enjoying her summer without the stress she used to feel.

“I bought a pass to a water park this past summer and went 35 times – in my bikini! Sono Bello gave me my confidence back – multiplied by 20 – and gave me my life back!”

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