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#YUM: A Metabolism Kick

Over the years, I have sadly aged…I may not be willing to admit my age, but I will admit that I have indeed aged. I am actually not upset about it. I think a lot of good has come from getting older. In fact, the whole ‘older and wiser’ cliché is definitely true. My style has definitely matured, my personality is 100% stronger and though I am still at times insecure I definitely know what I want and 95% of the time don’t waste my time with people and things I don’t care for (regardless of the newly formed FOMO due to social media belief…I think that never goes away).

In all honestly the only (well not only but for argument purposes lets say only) time I am angry about the aging process is really when it comes to eating. I used to have the best metabolism. Not to brag or anything, but I could eat pizza or fries and burgers at 3AM and wake up thinner the next morning (yes I want to slap myself too for such comments). These days, however, if I eat past 8PM nothing goes away in the morning. Youth totally has its perks (so sad, so true).

Luckily I have friends that constantly diet and find new healthy regimes to follow to stay fit and young. Personally, I am not big on dieting. I believe everything in moderation is best. However, sometimes a girl just needs to speed up her metabolism, hence my new LOVE of grapefruit and pineapple recommended by a friend.

I’ve actually always been a fan of pineapple. It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s kind of amazing. I even use it when cooking. Try adding chunks of pineapple to your chicken or even turkey since Thanksgiving is only weeks away. You will thank me later (though that doesn’t really help as much as eating it raw).

Grapefruit is a different story. It’s not as sweet. However, the tangy taste is perfect for snacking or a morning breakfast add-on. It really keeps your stomach from growling while burning calories. I cut mine up into slices like an orange and enjoy as a dessert after my morning eggs.

I think if you have to kick start your metabolism, why not do it with fruit. Comparatively to actually dieting, fruit is the best option.

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