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Phoenix Story

At Sono Bello Scottsdale, Our Positive Energy Flows Over to Our Patients!

When our patients come to Sono Bello Scottsdale to learn about liposuction, they each have a story to tell about their individual journeys. Witnessing the impact that Sono Bello can make in each patient’s life, and helping them through their journey is an incredible experience.


“Knowing that we can help them in what they are going through is moving and so rewarding,” says the practice manager.


Our patients at Sono Bello Scottsdale have beautiful stories to tell, and some are deeply moving. The practice manager recalls one such patient’s story, which she encountered her first month on the job:


“A patient came in a few months after her husband passed away. The patient and her husband had discussed her desire to get liposuction, but before she was able to have the procedure, her husband became ill and her focus shifted from herself to caring for him. After he passed, she felt that this was the right time. A few months after the procedure, she returned to the office, ecstatic with her results and with how she felt. I remember her sitting in the exam room talking about how she knew that her husband would be happy for her. I remember this was the first patient I experienced [who was] this happy, and knew that I had made the right [decision] to work for Sono Bello.”


The team at Sono Bello Scottsdale is a big family, and according to the practice manager, “patients can feel this as soon as they walk through the front door.” The team members work together, and “they have each other’s back.” They know that their attitude and mindset influences the patient’s experience. “This positivity rolls over to the patients and, in return, the patients receive a fantastic experience,” the practice manager shares.

“Every single person exudes positive energy, and the support is amazing!”


If you are considering visiting Sono Bello Scottsdale, don’t hesitate! Our team is here, waiting to help get you started on your own journey of transformation.


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