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The Benefits of Sono Bello Liposuction Surgery

After performing more than 300,000 fat removal and body contouring procedures, Sono Bello’s team of more than 185 board-certified plastic surgeons have seen how the removal of excess body fat can improve a patient’s life both in terms of their self-confidence and their physical health.

When a person has the burden of unwanted fat cells removed from their body, they become free to pursue a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Each of our patients has a unique set of goals and obstacles. Therefore, our skilled surgical team offers a diverse range of procedures to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Here is a bit more detail on all the life-changing benefits that our patients receive from their Sono Bello surgery.

Sono Bello Liposuction: A Minimally Invasive Procedure

Liposuction technology has advanced in recent years to become less invasive and more efficient. The old technique of using large metal tubes hooked up to a suction machine to remove excess fat is, fortunately, a thing of the past.

Sono Bello is now able to remove more unwanted subcutaneous fat with laser-like accuracy.

Sono Bello’s TriSculpt method, for instance, is a micro-laser liposuction procedure that permanently removes fat cells from a patient’s body.

Rather than relying solely on the strength and steadiness of the surgeon’s hands, laser-assisted liposuction aids the surgeon during the body contouring procedure. The lasers are used to gently soften and dislodge stubborn fat, allowing it to be more easily removed.

High precision and minimal invasiveness enable Sono Bello to give patients a more natural look by causing less trauma to their bodies.

Sono Bello Specializes in Fast Surgery and Fast Recovery for Liposuction Patients

The liposuction procedure itself is relatively quick and painless.

Inside the operating room, patients are administered minimal oral sedation mixed with local anesthesia—not general anesthesia—to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

Once the patient is comfortably situated (some like to play their own music during the operation), small incisions are made in targeted areas, and microcannulas (tubes) powered by the latest tech and assisted by micro-lasers are used to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from those parts of the body.

By making small incisions and using small tubes, Sono Bello surgeons can avoid inadvertently damaging the tissue surrounding the unwanted fat cells.

Traditional liposuction procedures use a larger incision and a larger liposuction cannula because they expedite the surgery. However, these larger tools can also result in more trauma to the patient’s abdomen and less natural-looking results. That is why Sono Bello prefers to use more precise instruments.

After the surgery is completed, it typically takes patients a couple of days to recover. The time it takes for someone to fully heal varies case-by-case. However, it is not uncommon for patients to go into surgery on a Friday and be back working at their jobs on Monday.

Even if they don’t feel comfortable returning to work, most patients are able to resume their day-to-day routines within three days. It is normal for some swelling to last up to a week, and the surgical incisions won’t be fully healed for 15 days.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the liposuction recovery process, read this insightful article on the subject in Sono Bello’s liposuction resources section.

Achieve More Natural-Looking Results with Sono Bello Liposuction

Our surgeons’ goal is to reveal a patient’s natural beauty. Their skill combined with Sono Bello’s advanced micro-laser technology makes achieving natural-looking results more attainable than ever.

Micro-lasers assist in the liberation of fat during liposuction. The laser energy softens the fat and makes it easier to remove. A smoother operation means a smoother, more sculpted finish. Less collateral injury to surrounding tissues leaves patients looking and feeling better after surgery.

In addition to helping the surgeon with fat removal, micro-laser technology also tightens and strengthens the skin by stimulating the collagen (the main structural protein in your connective tissues) in the deep dermis. This means less sagging, loose skin.

Collagen is a strong, fibrous protein that supports the structure of your skin. When your skin is stimulated by lasers during TriSculpt liposuction, a natural regenerative process is triggered in the dermis that produces new collagen peptides which strengthen and tighten your skin.

Enhanced tightness and elasticity promote a healthier, more natural look post-operation.

Enjoy All the Lifestyle Benefits of a Successful Sono Bello Liposuction

A patient’s Sono Bello journey doesn’t end when their excess fat deposits have been eliminated. Recovery is a critical step in each patient’s journey to their body transformation—and Sono Bello specializes in making each patient’s recovery process as effective, simple, and painless as possible.

Once a patient’s post-op recovery and healing processes are complete and they’re finally able to shed their compression garment, Sono Bello patients report that they (and their newly transformed bodies) experience a higher quality of life.

They start exercising more regularly, dive back into the dating pool, pick up new hobbies, experience success in their careers, and set a better example for their children. Here’s how:

Getting Back in the Gym to Build Healthy Habits After Liposuction

Excess fat can make working out challenging for two reasons.

First, being overweight makes cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, and hiking difficult because of the strain that it puts on one’s joints.

Secondly, if a person is feeling self-conscious about their appearance, it can discourage them from working out in public places.

Liposuction surgery can help kickstart a person’s fitness journey by getting them to a place where they feel comfortable and confident about going to the gym. The removal of excess body fat removes some of the strain that was being put on a person’s hips, knees, and ankles.

Exercise plays a key role in the recovery process, helping the body to heal by encouraging blood flow and a strong healing response. Good exercise habits are also crucial to maintaining a patient’s desired body, as it is still possible for a patient’s remaining fat cells (not removed during liposuction) to expand with weight gain.

For this reason, the Sono Bello medical team recommends that all patients follow a healthy diet and exercise routine post procedure (and beyond) to ensure optimal results from a liposuction procedure.

Picking up Hobbies After Weight Loss from Liposuction

Sono Bello patients often report that they began participating in activities like hiking and kickboxing after their liposuction. For many, this can be attributed (at least partially) to the increased confidence that patients feel after their surgery.

A patient’s transformed body may make them feel more adventurous and therefore more likely to pick up new hobbies. For some patients, their weight loss also literally gives them the physical abilities to take part in activities that they were not able or allowed to participate in before due to their size or body shape.

For example: Kathy Green, a Sono Bello patient from Austin, TX said that she was excited to begin zip-lining after her surgery because she didn’t meet the weight requirement before. After liposuction with Sono Bello, Kathy was able to get out on the zip-line course and experience a new activity with confidence.

With the help of professional, surgical fat removal through Sono Bello liposuction, patients can achieve their ideal body shape and get back to (or start exploring) the activities they weren’t able to enjoy due to their weight.

Every Sono Bello Journey Starts with a Free Consultation

Every patient’s body is unique. Therefore, each liposuction procedure should be tailored to fit that patient’s fat-loss goals. If a patient believes that cosmetic surgery would improve their life, it is worth considering scheduling a free consultation at your earliest convenience with the Sono Bello patient care consultant to explore how liposuction may be able to help.

Once a patient has decided on the type of procedure that they want to have and which areas of their body that they would like sculpted, they can go ahead and schedule an appointment with their local Sono Bello surgeon. Fortunately, with over 185 doctors at over 80+locations nationwide, most patients have no trouble finding a nearby Sono Bello location where they can schedule their procedure.

When it comes to a patient’s health and happiness, everyone deserves the best–and Sono Bello may be able to help. All it takes is a free consultation with a Sono Bello customer care consultant and every patient can be on their way to their ideal body shape.

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