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What is Laser Liposuction?

Christopher Chung, M.D.
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Chief Medical Officer
Sono Bello

For patients seeking a reliable way to remove stubborn body fat with minimal downtime and maximum results, few procedures provide a better option than laser liposuction.

But for patients asking the question “what is laser liposuction?”, it’s important to understand everything that goes into a successful laser liposuction procedure.

Sono Bello surgeons understand that the safest and most effective outcomes are built on experience, professionalism and a clear picture of the ideal patient outcome. That’s been the philosophy behind thousands of successful Sono Bello laser liposuction procedures, and it’s what drives new patients to Sono Bello each year.

Here’s a closer look at everything a patient needs to know about laser liposuction, and why it might be the ideal option for someone struggling to achieve their ideal body shape through diet and exercise alone.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Medically speaking, Laser liposuction is an evolved amalgam of modalities to enhance fat extraction and skin tightening.

It combines liposuction through classical or power-assisted techniques with variable laser technology to assist in the liberation of fat and the delivery of thermal effects to the dermis to enhance collagen stimulation and tightening.

For Sono Bello patients, here’s how it works:

1. The patient begins with a free consultation with a Sono Bello patient care consultant, who can help them better understand their procedure options and their ultimate body goals.

2. The patient sets an appointment with a Sono Bello surgeon, who provides guidance and more information on their custom-tailored laser liposuction options.

3. Properly prepared for their procedure, the patient travels with a trusted adult (spouse, family, friend, etc.) to their appointment.

4. The surgeon administers local anesthesia (no general anesthesia) to the procedure site, then begins the liposuction process.

5. The surgeon uses laser technology to heat the subcutaneous fat (under the skin) in the desired body areas. The surgeon then removes the fat through suction using micro cannulas inserted in very small incisions, each about the size of the patient’s pinky finger.

6. Once the procedure is complete, the patient is observed for a few minutes before being sent home with a family member, friend, or other adult over the age of 18. All patients must have someone drive them home after their procedure, and Sono Bello recommends that person stay with the patient for the first 24 hours to watch and care for them.

7. Over the next few days and weeks, the patient will follow the recovery plan laid out by their surgeon as the swelling decreases and they begin to see their final results.

Which Body Parts Can be Treated with Laser Liposuction?

Unlike traditional liposuction, laser liposuction can treat almost any part of the body. This is because the advanced laser technology and micro cannulas allow the surgeon to effectively reach otherwise tough-to-treat areas that traditional liposuction simply can’t reach.

The most common areas for men and women are the abdomen and hips or “love handles”. The techniques used by Sono Bello surgeons, combined with years of experience specializing in this procedure, allow Sono Bello surgeons to provide results with faster recovery and less bruising.

Sono Bello laser liposuction has been designed to treat localized pockets of fat in the following areas:

How Much Fat Can Laser Liposuction Remove?

While laser liposuction can be a powerful method for removing stubborn pockets of fat from various body areas, the actual amount of fat removed in a single procedure may vary depending on the patient’s specific needs and challenges.

Another influencing factor is which state the procedure is being done in, since every state has a maximum amount of fat that can be removed in one procedure. Current state and community standards do limit the increments of fat extraction to 8-10 pounds per event.

Generally, patients can expect that each liposuction event may result in a maximum of 4000-5000cc of fat removed. It’s important that patients consult with their surgeon to truly understand how much fat can be removed from their body in a single procedure.

Is Laser Liposuction Safe?

Yes, laser liposuction with Sono Bello is considered safe for patients of various needs and body goals. Largely, this is thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of Sono Bello surgeons.

There are variable degrees of enthusiasm in the literature regarding safety, technique, and efficacy. The dominant conclusions are that an enhanced role has been recognized but it is dependent on experience and anatomic factors. The skin location and quality of the dermis regarding elasticity and collagen content are the dominant anatomic considerations.

In inexperienced hands, like with all laser applications, there is a substantial safety concern. Amongst experienced practitioners there remains a narrow therapeutic window. The amount of energy required for benefit is close to the amount of effect that results in undesirable thermal consequences.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Liposuction?

The biggest benefits of laser liposuction procedures like Sono Bello’s TriSculpt are that they are minimally invasive, effective at treating small and hard-to-reach areas and provide much faster recovery times with better looking results.

Because laser liposuction procedures use laser technology to heat and “melt” fat as it is suctioned out, surgeons are able to treat very small body areas with a high degree of precision.

And because the suction using micro cannulas requires only small incisions about the size of a patient’s small finger, healing and scarring are relatively minimal for most patients.

But it is also the thermal energy of the laser technology itself that provides some of the biggest benefits: as thermal energy is transferred to the patient’s skin, it stimulates collagen production. His allows for more effective skin tightening and smoothing of the treated areas during the recovery period, providing a better final result compared to more invasive procedure types.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Laser Liposuction?

For patients who have struggled to lose stubborn pockets of fat through diet and exercise alone, laser liposuction can be an ideal solution to help remove fat and achieve long-lasting results.

For patients in good health with a regular diet and exercise routine in place, laser liposuction may be a great option.

Generally, laser liposuction is not a recommended procedure for patients who have:

  • Pacemaker
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Active Chemotherapy
  • Recent Heart attack (within 5 years)
  • Currently Pregnant
  • Dialysis
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Organ Transplant Waiting List
  • Currently on Blood Thinners
  • Surgery in the proposed area in past 6 months
  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney or Liver disorders
  • Body Mass Index over 42

How Long is Recovery from Laser Liposuction?

Although the specifics may vary from patient to patient, recovery from laser liposuction generally spans about 6 months in total. However, most patients start to see the healing process begin within the first 24 hours after the procedure.

For the first few days post-procedure, laser liposuction patients see the incision sites drain of tumescent gluid (used during the procedure to remove fat) and the incisions themselves begin to heal. Swelling around treated areas will begin to decrease within 2-3 days, with all swelling completely gone within about 6 weeks.

It is important that laser liposuction patients carefully follow the recovery plan provided by their surgeon, including wearing both of their compression garments (first the more constrictive one for about a week, then the looser for about 3-6 weeks, or as long as is directed by their surgeon).

As swelling subsides after the initial recovery period, the skin around the treated areas will begin to tighten and assume its final appearance. Patients can encourage this skin tightening through regular exercise and massaging the treated areas.

How Much Does Laser Liposuction Cost?

The cost of a laser liposuction procedure may vary from patient to patient, and is largely determined by a patient’s unique needs, challenges, desired areas of treatment, and whether they are having any other procedures done alongside the laser liposuction (like excess skin removal).

Other factors that play a role in the total cost of a laser liposuction procedure include:

  • The patient’s starting BMI, and how much fat will be removed during the procedure
  • The number of areas being treated
  • The length of time required for the procedure.

To get a clear picture of how much laser liposuction may cost, patients should discuss their goals with a Sono Bello patient care consultant, and with their surgeon, prior to the start of the procedure.

Laser Liposuction: Helping Patients Achieve Their Ideal Look

For patients seeking a minimally-invasive, effective, and efficient way to remove stubborn fat from otherwise hard-to-treat body areas, laser liposuction may provide a great option.

Sono Bello’s network of 185+ board-certified surgeons around the country have provided thousands of patients with successful laser liposuction procedures, and many patient have shared their success stories as a record of how effective laser liposuction can be.

For patients interested in learning more about laser liposuction with Sono Bello, a free consultation with a patient care consultant may be a great first step.

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