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Indianapolis Story

We Are One Big, Happy Family at Sono Bello Indianapolis!


Managing the practice at Sono Bello Indianapolis brings many rewards, not the least of which is feeling like she is an integral part of “one big, happy family.” And at Sono Bello Indianapolis, everyone is part of that family, especially our patients.


“We believe the most rewarding part about working for Sono Bello is being such a big advocate for each and every one of our patients.” And we do make it a point to get up close and personal with them.


“We sit down and really get to know our patients, how they are feeling, why they are making this life-changing decision.” The work at Sono Bello Indianapolis makes an enormous difference in the patients’ lives, and the impact is enduring.


Morgan Jones, our practice manager, feels that it is essential that each patient “feel like they belong [here] and have a strong support system.” Morgan and her close-knit group of coworkers help patients feel embraced as soon as they walk into the office and meet everyone.


Morgan says that her favorite part about working at Sono Bello Indianapolis is the privilege of taking this personal journey with each patient. She loves walking with them through their entire process up to six months after their liposuction. She sees the joy in their faces as they sit down with her to look at their before and after pictures. These are special moments.


Morgan’s patients feel comfortable knocking on her door and letting her know how wonderful the Sono Bello staff has treated them. “I cannot tell you the amount of hugs I receive daily, and it is just so heartwarming.”


If someone is considering visiting Sono Bello Indianapolis, Morgan recommends that they be prepared for great conversation and laughter as well as tears. Be ready to experience what it is like to be “a part of one big, happy family that loves what they do, day in and day out.”


For Morgan, walking this beautiful journey with each patient is always gratifying. “I am excited to walk into work each day.”

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